AOS Fan Art: Zai'al!

Squee! Today I received another surprise piece of fan art for All Our Sins! This time, Melissa decided to draw Zai’al, a character from the third book, Apocalypse.

In Apocalypse, Zai’al is the Avatar, which is basically like being the Pope, except that the Avatar is embued with power given by the goddess, Årdra. This means she can perform what seem to be magical feats and miracles that science can’t explain. Zai’al’s name means “heavenly strength”. Sometimes, she’s not a very nice person.

Melissa decided to show Zai’al as how she might look if she was a Celestial sehashi, which is a type of uber badass magical girl from Melissa’s book series Stars of Destiny.

Crossover fan art is a lot of fun! It’s really interesting to see how characters from one universe might fit into someone else’s.

I love it! ♥ Thank you very much!

Zai'al, the Avatar, by Melissa Stone

Zai’al, the Avatar, by Melissa Stone