Appendix: World

Select from the articles below to learn more about the worlds the species of All Our Sins live in.

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Årdrakin Clans: There are six Great Clans and many others occupying various levels of årdrakin society.

Årdrakin History: Årdrakin history spans hundreds of thousands of years.

Årdrakin Notable Locations: There are a number of special places on Drakiru.

Årdrakin Religion: Notes about årdrakin beliefs and deities.

Årdrakin Society: A general overview of årdrakin society.

Drakiru (Fauna): Notes about animals found on Drakiru.

Drakiru (Planet): Drakiru is a tropical world.

Drakiru (System): Notes about the star system.


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Berwen (Fauna): Notes about animals found on Berwen.

Berwen (Flora): Notes about plants found on Berwen.

Berwen (Planet): Berwen is a primarily desert world.

Berwen (System): Notes about the star system.