The site has a lot of posts!

The site has a lot of posts!

I’ve spent some time tweaking and organizing the site recently; sharp-eyed visitors probably noticed a few changes to the menu. Followers on Twitter have seen the “flashback” tweets popping up over the last couple of weeks as well. I found a handy plugin that automatically revives existing posts on a set schedule—a great way to get that older content seen and hopefully enjoyed by newer eyes.

Getting the reviver plugin going made me wonder just how often certain categories of posts would be seen, which led me to make the pie chart above. Turns out, almost 70% of all posts on fall under Solitary Pilot, which is content related to my time playing EVE Online. There are just under 200 posts in that category. Wow! This means all the other posts have less than a one in three chance of being pulled up (and most of the HOTE category is protected so won’t be revived at all). Hmm! Guess I better get cracking on putting up more stuff!

Speaking of Heart of the Empire, some more tweaks have been made there too!

Several characters have needed new names for a long time for various reasons, and thankfully I finally have a couple of them done. Veovis is now called Vÿškåríel; Nirell and Ran’ek have been combined into a new character named Rakaal. Additionally, Kehai has been absorbed into Daenan. References to these characters have been updated or removed from all other HOTE articles except the outdated story chapters and the character meme. The character meme is partially updated but I’ll have to redo it more thoroughly in the future.

The Heart of the Empire Music article (and YouTube playlist) has also been updated and reordered with a few more songs that work with the story.

The biggest update today is to the Ardrakin History article. Ardrakin society has been around for quite a long time! For story purposes I have a need to know what the current year is on their calendar so I can plan out certain events. Simply assigning a number at random wouldn’t work; it all has to fit within the history I’ve established. The article now makes a note of the first lunar year of their first societal “Age”, and their long history is now broken up into several other Ages of roughly 15,000-30,000 years each. Other more broader ages (Stone Age, Bronze Age, etc) overlap these societal ages too.

The most recent Age I had mapped out to is currently called the Cosmic Golden Age but as it stands it’s 70,000 years long—too much. I need to brainstorm about this a bit more; there are only so many “firsts”, “seconds”, etc that can be used. They already have an Ancient Age, First Age, Second Age, Third Age, Early Cosmic Age… Perhaps I could say a Middle Cosmic Age can come next, though I hesitate to designate anything as “Middle”, “Late”, and the like, because although my dragon people are advanced, they can’t see into the future and who knows what I might want to subject them to later on? The Early Cosmic Age is definitely the early era of that kind of thing, but for the rest? Things for me to ponder.

I snuck a supervolcano into their history, too, because who doesn’t need a supervolcano to wreck all your shit now and then? Fun times on Drakiru!

I’m happy the creative juices are starting to flow again. More to come as soon as I have it!