• Got Bread?
    Summer Lake Cabin
  • The English Robin
    The English Robin
  • Japanese Maple
    Japanese Maple
  • Waterton Lakes Valley
    Waterton Lakes Valley
  • Magic Mushrooms
    Magic Mushrooms
  • Skywing
  • Fairy Stream
    Fairy Stream
  • Canadian Fall
    Canadian Fall
  • Amethyst Sky
    Amethyst Sky
  • Summer Lake Cabin
    Summer Lake Cabin
  • Stormy Mountain Sunset
    Stormy Mountain Sunset


Now and then I like to draw. I used to do quite a lot of it when I was still in school. I don’t have much time for it anymore, though I do have plans to get back to it. I originally started out using traditional media: paper, pencils, pencil crayons, markers. In high school I graduated to digital media, primarily using Photoshop for coloring. Despite enjoying it, drawing was never a primary pastime and never something I wanted to do professionally. As a result, many of the drawings below are directly referenced from other art. Mostly I just wanted to get what I saw in my head down “on paper” so other people could see what I was talking about.

I’m currently learning Clip Studio Paint, which includes a 3D pose modeler that I hope will help me learn to draw my own poses rather than me relying so heavily on other artists’ work.

Here are some of my past pieces that don’t belong to a current writing project.