Announcements & Updates

Some quick announcements and updates!

All Our Sins

In my downtime I’ve been turning my attention to All Our Sins. There’s been a lot of brainstorming going on and members of my community have provided valuable feedback. Here is a list of changes that have been made:

  • The About page (which is public) has been rewritten to provide more background on the series and what the books will be about. Yes! AOS is now officially a series. The first book is called The First Sin and is what I’m focusing on the most right now. The second book is called Sin Beyond Redemption; the third book is called Apocalypse. There’s a potential fourth book as well, but I don’t want to get ahead of myself…
  • The Appendices have been reorganized into (currently) three categories: Biology, Science, and World. These are public index pages listing all the individual articles for each of the three AOS races. They will be updated as new articles are added. The menu was getting too cluttered trying to list all these articles individually so this will help keep things organized. I may split the World subcategory later on depending on how the content in that category evolves over time. Note: Although the index pages are public, all the articles linked from the indexes require an approved member account to access.
  • Several words and names throughout various AOS articles have had their spelling corrected to reflect special characters like å, í, š, ÿ, etc.
  • Several characters, entities, and items have had their names adjusted. For example, the årdrakin Mother Goddess is now known as Årdra, therefore the Dragon’s Eye and Dragon Temple are now Årdra’s Eye and Årdraan Temple. The genesi have been renamed ixokazi, while the skavz have been renamed skarastaja.
  • The Artwork gallery has been refreshed with higher-quality images, though there are a few minor exceptions where I no longer seem to have the original artwork (sadface). Right now there is also a bug in the gallery plugin that isn’t correctly rendering HTML when you hover to see the image descriptions but hopefully that will be fixed soon.
  • The årdrakin and skarastaja character profiles have been updated with IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) pronunciation guides. For example, Dezÿrisaanë shows [ DEHZ-ihr-ih-SAH-nay ] and / dɛzɪrɪsɔnɛ /. The first pronunciation between the square brackets is a phonetic respelling; the second between forward slashes is the IPA pronunciation. At the top of the article is a link to the IPA Reader which is a very handy tool for finding out how the IPA symbols are supposed to be said. Copy just the text between the forward slashes (not the forward slashes themselves), put them into the box on the reader page, select a voice (Joanna is a good choice), and click to have the name read out for you.
  • Miscellaneous updates have been made to various appendix articles. For example, the Årdrakin Technology: Miscellaneous article now includes a list of planetary classifications the årdrakin use, which I needed to determine for reference use in The First Sin. Full-length årdrakin articles about armor, starships, and wetware were added a little while ago and have had some tweaks made.

There are other updates pending for the Appendices. I’m working on a few things that aren’t quite ready yet so I won’t say what they are, but I’m very excited to share them with members as soon as they’re done.


This is exciting news! Mat and I have finally been able to get his immigration application finished and sent off to the Canadian government. It took a tremendous amount of time and effort to put together. In the end it totalled 107 pages and required 22 photos to go with it. I haven’t seen my husband in person since our wedding 14 months ago. With the pandemic still on it’s unlikely I’ll be seeing him any time soon. (The immigration department has been impacted by COVID too, of course.) But the app is out there and it’s done, which is a huge step toward getting Mat here with me. It’s a weight off our shoulders. One step closer to being reunited!

Rebrand Progress

I’ve been working a lot on the “leftovers” of the rebrand to As far as I can tell, all the text references to the old brand have been handled as well as can be done. There are still a slew of images with the old watermarks that need to be replaced. That’s a huge job and I may not be able to replace every picture if I don’t still have the original. This is work I’ll do incrementally over time.


I haven’t done much with yarn and the shop since taking on the rebrand. Part of me feels a bit burnt out because of how much work the rebrand itself has been, even though the rebrand doesn’t exactly have anything to do with dyeing directly. Part of it is also feeling discouraged: I’ve tried a few colorway experiments recently which did not turn out the way I wanted. All I can do is keep going, but it’s still frustrating to have a vision in my head that I haven’t been able to capture on the fiber. Space to work continues to be an issue too. My kitchen is quite tiny. I just don’t have the space to do some of the things I’d really like to and that impacts my ability to put out new product. I need to work out ways to take better advantage of what I have available to me.


The biggest reason I haven’t done as much with the yarn recently has to do with my day job, or rather, my lack of one. Revenue from the shop is too low to actually pay my bills, so I still need regular work. Problem is, I haven’t had regular work for quite a while. This isn’t due to COVID; I’ve been out of work since before the pandemic started thanks to a situation that cropped up with my mental health. I’m at a point in my recovery now where I feel prepared to go back to work, but thanks to the pandemic, competition for jobs is really high because so many other people are also unemployed. Money is starting to become an issue so I have to put more time and effort into seeking appropriate work and managing the anxiety that comes from having strained finances. This leaves less time and energy for the shop.

For a while, I tried throwing myself fully into the shop to see if I could quickly build it up to where I wouldn’t need to go back to a conventional job. Trying that is what made me realize the space I have available isn’t practical to support that kind of production level. For now, the shop will remain a hobby business. Making sure I can pay my bills with regular income is a higher priority.

That’s all from the dragon’s den for today!