Joomla No More

Welcome to the new site!

I know, I have said this before. It was almost a year ago that I wrote “Moving to Joomla was so easy!” and what has happened since then? Not a lot. Only nine new posts and no work on Heart of the Empire. :( No real new content for Solitary Pilot either. Most of the delay had to do with offline concerns like moving and my health, but some of it had to do with Joomla too.

To be frank, Joomla just isn’t that easy after all. I had three sites running on it and the more I got into it, especially with template customization and overall administration, the more bugs and crap I ran into. Probably the most frustrating was the fruity RSS handling. No native support for one feed for all content, what?? Each of my sites had at least three separate RSS feeds and that always seemed awful to me. The admin backend on Joomla was also fairly complicated. Too much clicking just to add one new article to the site in all the right places. There were certain other little things I was just never able to get working again either. Overall experience? Bleh. But, you don’t know until you try.

So here I am now, on WordPress. Importing everything didn’t take too long (I recall I spent months on it last time; this time around it’s been only a week) and all the little things I never got working with Joomla? Working now with WordPress. The admin backend is way easier to use. There is now just one RSS feed for all content and while yes, it means visitors will have to update their feed readers again I think it’s for the better. Overall I’m much happier. Nothing was lost in the conversion either; all the previous comments and user accounts carried forward. Woot!

What’s next? New content! I want to do another day of Riven and recently I found myself poking around in the HOTE documents. I also took a trip to Whistler last month which whetted my appetite for photography again, and so want to dive into my archive to see what I can put together for a new Photostream. I still have more unpacking to do at home, and some other high-stress family matters going on, but I think things are looking up. Onward!