The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Even a little bit of progress counts!

It’s March! Time has really flown by. In a way, it’s a bit scary. I could have sworn yesterday was still December. Guess not. On the other hand, I can also look back at the last six months or so and see how far I’ve come in many areas, particularly with my mental health. There are still days where I struggle a lot, but strides have been taken, challenges are being worked on, and generally speaking I am starting to feel a lot better. My family, friends, and doctors say my improvement is noticeable, which is reassuring (especially on days when I feel as if I haven’t made any progress at all).

Progress has been made in other areas too, specifically with respect to my yarn shop and creativity. Seeing tangible results in these areas helps reinforce the strides I’m making with my health, which is great. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Here are where things are at:

The Yarn Is Almost Here

When I first decided to pursue dyeing in May 2018, I figured it would only take a handful of months to get organized, get stock ready, and so on, so the shop would be open by, say, the end of summer. Nope. So then I figured, eh, I can get everything in place by the end of October and still have time to get Christmas orders! Hahaha…no. All right, how about end of the year? No, not then either? Hmm. February? Close, but not quite. As it turns out, getting all of one’s ducks in a row, even for an online store, takes a lot more work than I bargained for! But that’s okay. I’ve learned a lot over the last year. I’m glad I’ve taken my time and haven’t rushed. I still have loads more to learn, but it’s all part of the process.

Right now I feel like launching before the end of March is doable. I have just a few more things to take care of behind the scenes, and (fingers crossed) there shouldn’t be any other unexpected surprises that will delay things again. Woot woot! When I can commit to an actual “grand opening” date, notices will go up here as well as on my various social media accounts. Please keep an eye out for that!

Heart of the Empire Gets A New Name

Yes! Finally! Creative musing and spontaneous brainstorming continue for this project, largely thanks to some excellent input from members of my Discord community. At long last, it seems I’ve finally found a new title for the book. It shall now be called…

All Our Sins

Ooh yes! I’m pretty excited about this title, as it speaks directly to a long-established aspect of the story that has recently been expanded upon more fully thanks to the aforementioned brainstorming. This title also gives me a cheeky opportunity to write a shorter tie-in story that a number of community members recently discussed. That short will be called The First Sin.

Over the next little while, as time allows, I’ll begin transitioning existing content to the new title, but references in old blog posts will be left alone. The new acronym for the story is AOS and this will eventually replace “HOTE” in the URLs. (Writing redirects is kinda a pain; I’ll do that last.)

There’s more I want to start doing for this project now that movement really seems to be happening behind the scenes. I’ll wait to talk about that stuff another day.

Everything Else

Wedding plans are coming along! Some of the things we had hoped to be able to do for it have had to be changed along the way, but Mat and I have come up with other plans instead to make up for those disappointments. Otherwise, everything is good and seems under control. It’s still a bit hard to believe that I’m getting married in seventy-eight days. Eee!

The wedding, plus the shop, plus my health are all reasons why the temperature blanket has had no progress since late summer, and pretty much why I haven’t done much other crochet either. Once I have less on my plate, I’ll get back to it! I have all the temperatures up to the end of 2018 in a spreadsheet, so I can complete it properly. It would be a shame not to, especially after all the progress I did make! Mom successfully finished hers though, and when I start working on mine again I’ll put a proper update up for all of that.

Progress! Progress is good.