I'm working hard.

I’m working hard.

I have a lot on the go! Planning my wedding, spending time with my fiancee, getting the shop open, dealing with my day job, keeping up with crochet projects, editing photos, writing, gaming. Whew! It’s a lot and I’m behind on some things (most especially the temperature blanket but also the Myst series roleplay and the photoblog of my trip to New Zealand) but despite the struggles I’m currently facing, I’m still determined to forge ahead. Here are some updates on things I’ve been working on today:

Social Media Everywhere

  • Did you know that I have a Discord group? Yes, it’s true! You can join us in Iron Dragon’s Den using this invite link: The group is a positive creative community for everyone interested in art, gaming, photography, writing, and of course, yarn! I hope to see you there!
  • Lately I’ve been posting more frequently on Instagram. I also have a Twitter feed as well as an account on Pinterest.

The Yarn is Coming

  • The store is in-progress! I can’t say for sure when it’ll be open, but my hope is to get it open as quickly as possible. I have some barriers to overcome first.

Keeping Tidy

  • The image slider at the top of the site has been redone with larger (but fewer) images that showcase my photography. Some of these images will be future yarn colorways! You may need to flush your browser’s cache to be sure to see the changes.
  • The layout is wider than before.
  • A few subitems in the menu have been moved around.
  • I made some minor text changes to the Privacy Policy.
  • I squashed the bug that made comment text clip off at the left margin.
  • I disabled the newsletter popup prompt. After thinking about it, I don’t feel a newsletter is a right fit for me at this time. Rather than worrying about how to write a good newsletter and what should go in it, I’d rather concentrate on everything else and just post to the blog when I actually have something worthwhile to say. For everyone who signed up—thank you! I will revisit sending newsletters in the future but for now would like to encourage everyone to subscribe using the email subscription box on the right sidebar (or in the footer). That subscription will send you a simple notification via email each time I post a new article. You can also follow the RSS feed using a reader app on your mobile device.
  • The galleries have had a thumbnail size change. I’m still not entirely happy with how this gallery format works… It seems a bit buggy sometimes but I haven’t yet found a better plugin that will display an image with a long text description in a similar fashion. If anyone has any suggestions please let me know!

Heart of the Empire

  • Those of you in the Discord group know I’ve been making more notes about this book recently. It’s very exciting to feel inspired again! I was able to do some worldbuilding while in England as well as on the flight back to Canada. The fruit of that labor will be added to the Appendices in the near future.
  • The book needs a new name. The plot redevelopment has shifted so significantly that “Heart of the Empire” no longer feels relevant. Additionally, it’s bland and 50% of the words are fluff! I’m considering Destiny’s Reach, although that title doesn’t quite feel right either (plus, how many zillion books out there use the word destiny in their title?!). It’s in the right ballpark though… Anyone willing to spend some time learning the book’s themes (and probably certain spoilers) in order to help brainstorm a new title would be welcome. This is best done by hopping into the Discord community!

Solitary Pilot

  • Neglected but not forgotten. Two years ago I began editing the existing Solitary Pilot ficlets and then started cross-posting them to That effort slipped off the radar when I stopped playing EVE Online but lately I have felt an urge to revisit it (the writing, not the game). I had quite a lot of content planned for Sakaane’s story and it bothers me that it remains unfinished.
  • I’ve retired the first-person Pilot Log entries and deleted the category. The log entries were originally intended to be reactionary pieces to in-universe (lore) news and otherwise for roleplaying my experiences playing the game in “real” time. But, if I’m going to revamp the ficlets (which will require more than a little extra creative license), the first-person log entries won’t fit in anywhere anymore. Additionally, many of the lore news articles are no longer available online so, generally speaking, the context for the associated entries is lost. Some of those posts will (hopefully) make their way into the revamped ficlets in one form or another.

This is actually just a sampling of things on my “to do” list. There is a lot more I want to get done! Thanks to all my readers for hanging in with me while I pick away at it all.