A DIfferent Look

They say the eyes are the window to the soul…

I have started working on the next test of my Pod Pals doll. As with the first version, the pattern calls for the addition of safety eyes before stuffing the head and moving on to the rest of the body. This is my first time using this pattern so, just like with Beta 1.0 I’m not entirely sure how the final product will turn out and don’t want to commit actual safety eyes to the doll. Once they are in, they can’t be removed—waste not, want not.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t test, right?

While working on Beta 1.0 I ordered a bunch of eyes in different colors, figuring (perhaps presumptuously) that it would be good to have a variety on hand. When Beta 1.0’s pattern called for eyes the shipment hadn’t arrived yet so it wasn’t as easy to get an idea of how they might look. And, once a doll is done, the eyes can’t be permanently put in after the fact without somehow opening up the work and sewing it back together, which would be tantamount to destroying the doll itself.

So now I have lots of eyes, and the Beta 1.0 version of Sakaane has been growing on me. While I can’t permanently change her eyes, I can temporarily stick other colors into her head, so gave it a whirl:

9mm blue, 6mm green, and 6mm black

9mm blue, 6mm green, and 6mm black

The blue 9mm eyes have posts so thick I couldn’t actually work them into her head, so the image of them above is a digital edit. The other two pictures are actual photos of the 6mm eyes in her head. The different sizes and colors really change the look of the face, don’t they? Of these three I actually prefer the solid black the most even though I did want the doll to have green eyes like my in-game avatar does; I think the solid black adds the most “cute factor”. Other people might think differently.

The Beta 2.0 doll has a slightly larger head owing to the pattern calling for a larger hook than the one I used for Beta 1.0. The yarn isn’t entirely getting along with the bigger hook though so I might start over with the smaller size hook I used for Beta 1.0, in which case the heads should turn out to be about the same size. For now though, here is the eye test on the existing Beta 2.0:

9mm blue, 6mm green, and 6mm black

9mm blue, 6mm green, and 6mm black

Same set of eyes (no digital editing). Again, big difference in the look between each one. I think I still prefer the solid black, but who knows? This pattern actually calls for eyes 10.5mm in size, even bigger than the blue ones I have! It’s true that big eyes can convey a greater sense of cute…but to me I think they would be overwhelmingly large at that size. I guess anyone I make these for will have to decide for themselves what kind of appearance they prefer. :)

I see you...

I see you…