New Pod Pal Auction Soon™ - But First, A Test!

The end of summer has been pretty busy! In August I drove down to Wyoming to watch the eclipse and got some very good shots (for an amateur), one of which is featured above. :) Seeing totality with the naked eye was something else—one of those “once in a lifetime” astronomical events that, if you’re lucky, you might actually have more than one chance in your lifetime to see depending on where in the world you live and how cooperative Mother Nature is with the weather. This was my first chance to see totality and I’m glad I made the trip. In September I had a business trip to Victoria… Now here we are, already October!

Despite all the travelling, I finished the EDU 2017 Pod Pal for Gold Rat on September 30, 2017. Since Gold Rat is wearing a jacket with a high collar I experimented to see if I could duplicate that particular feature. I think it came out great!

EVE Online Pod Pals: Gold Rat

EVE Online Pod Pals: Gold Rat

Now that he’s done, I’m thinking about my next Pod Pal auction. People have been waiting very patiently since the first auction that took place in the spring and I’d like to get a second one in to close out 2017. To do that, I need help from my fellow capsuleers to make sure it’s a success.

The first Pod Pal auction was conducted on Twitter and overall I think it worked pretty well. I chose to hold it there because auctions for out-of-game artwork (Pod Pals count as artwork) can’t be held on the official EVE forums, and (at the time) I had been having some issues with the comment feature on this website. The tweetfleet is also very big and I wanted to try to reach the widest audience possible outside of the EVE forums.

But, a few people have commented to me that it would be nice to be able to bid without having to sign up for Twitter. I think that’s a fair comment to make. In the months since having that auction I’ve done some work on my WordPress install and I think (I hope!) the comment feature is a lot more stable and reliable now than it used to be. Unfortunately this is mostly just me being optimistic because it’s based solely on having not received any recent complaints that someone’s comment failed to post! (I’ve done my own testing of course but there’s only so much I can do from one computer and one mobile device.)

So here’s my request: Before I actually commit to holding the auction here, if everyone who reads this post could please leave one test comment over the next few days that would be a huge help. Maybe tell me if you travelled to see the 2017 eclipse (or any other eclipse) and what you thought about the experience!

If the comment box, or the site itself, misbehaves, please mail me in-game (Sakaane Eionell) to let me know. It will be helpful to know what browser you used, what error message you received (if any), and maybe also where in the world you are located so I can try to investigate. I don’t want to open an auction and then have bids get eaten or lost! That would really suck!

Just to be clear: This article is not an actual Pod Pal auction. Commenting on this article doesn’t improve your odds or constitute any guarantee that you will get a Pod Pal later. I just need readers to test the comment feature to make sure everything is working properly. The actual Pod Pal auction will be in a separate post at a future date, or (if my site misbehaves) will be held elsewhere.

Thanks everyone for helping!