Temperature Blanket: April Update
April Fool's Day square.

April Fool’s Day square.

I’m back! My trip to New Zealand was amazing. But now, let’s talk about the temperature blanket…

I mentioned at the end of the March update that I would have a pile of squares to do after my vacation. Boy, was I right! Not only have I not done any squares (except for April 1, 2018, shown at right) from the time I was away yet, I haven’t finished the last remaining March squares either, nor any squares for the other April days after I arrived back in Canada. Yikes! :( The main culprit has been the chest cold that came back with me and that it has taken me about ten days to get over the jet lag. Originally I expected to do two or three squares each night after work to get caught up but it just hasn’t worked out yet. Instead, I’ll have to try doubling up on squares during the month of May now that I’m starting to feel better and am getting back to my normal sleep schedule.

New colors in the blanket for April!

New colors in the blanket for April!

While I was away, the weather in Calgary was crap. It snowed more than once (Mom sent me unhappy pictures of her very white, snow-filled backyard). Suffice to say, I’m not sad I missed that! Since getting home, however, the weather has been fantastic. Look at those daily temperatures and how they’ve climbed upward since the 19th! I’ve sat outside on the balcony a couple of times to enjoy the sun and it’s been glorious.

These higher temperatures mean my squares for April will take on some new color combos for the first time! I need to break out the Seafoam, Light Teal, and Dark Teal skeins… Hopefully I can also put away Baby Blue, Blue Velvet, Navy, and Lead until autumn comes around again.

Pale Grey and White are still likely to be needed for overnight temps for the next month, as we can still get frost until mid- to late-May. Despite the summer-like temps over the last week, there are still patches of snow on the ground in certain places and none of the trees have started leafing out yet. The Victoria Day long weekend in May is notorious for bringing one last blast of winter weather before we can finally call it spring (some people don’t bother planting their gardens until then).

Once I get caught up on the April squares I can seam the first and second rows of the blanket, and then add a third row of squares once I get to the May 12th square. That’s really exciting! I think being able to start seaming will help break up the monotony I started to feel last month when a lot of the squares were turning out to be the same color combos (which I can see has happened again through the middle of April). Plus, it will be great to finally see my blanket taking shape.

Unlike me, Mom was able to keep up to date with her blanket this month, and has this progress to share:

Mom's April progress.

Mom’s April progress.

She’s pretty excited to see some new colors in her squares too. :)

I’ll save my actual April progress for the next update, which will be posted at the end of May. It should make for a pretty big post with lots of extra pictures!

Until next time, happy hooking!

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