Temperature Blanket: February Update
February 3, 2018 - the birthday square!

February 3, 2018 – the birthday square!

No getting around it: February has been cold. Miserable, actually. According to the news, Calgary has been having the coldest February in twenty-five years. I believe it! There’ve been epic road closures and multiple days of snowpocalypse. We’ve had over four times the amount of snow than what we normally get in February. March is typically our heaviest month for the white stuff so I shudder to think about what might still be coming before spring arrives.

February 3 was my birthday. Instead of going out to celebrate, I holed up inside and watched a blizzard roar past my windows. The overnight low that day was -28°C (-18.4°F) while the high only got to -19°C (-2.2°F). Yuck! But that wasn’t the worst of it! We had more than a few nights that dipped into the -30s. There was a chinook that gave us relief for a few days… On February 13 the high climbed to 7°C (44.6°F). T-shirt weather!

Brr! All those really cold nights...

Brr! All those really cold nights…

All this cold weather means most of my squares for the month are blue and dark grey. Some of the color combos are quite striking: I particularly like the squares for February 12, 13, and 14 as well as February 23 and 24. I’ve also used up my first full skein of Baby Blue yarn and am steadily working toward the end of the first skein of Lead too. Maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea after all to have bought so much of these colors…

I’ve taken to batching my squares as a weekend relaxation activity, and usually sit down to do them while watching Iron Wolf stream on Twitch. This has been a great way to combine crochet and gaming (even if I’m not the one doing the playing). Be sure to give Iron Wolf a follow if watching streams is something you enjoy!

While setting up for this post I discovered it’s not so easy anymore to photograph the squares when laid out in the order they’ll be put together according to the pattern I’m following. The months stretch across the blanket at an angle, similar to a corner-to-corner pattern. Already for February this means having a pretty long (and skinny) string of squares. I simply don’t have the floor space to shoot that properly. Disappointing, as I wanted my updates to show my progress according to how the squares will actually look laid out together, but for now I’ll just have to make do. When I start seaming the rows maybe I can figure something else out so I can show how the blanket is coming together (or I suppose I could just go out and buy a bigger house?).

For now, here are my to-date February squares laid out in date order:

February 13, 2018 really sticks out.

February 13, 2018 really sticks out.

That one green and white square really sticks out, doesn’t it? It was a beautiful day that day! Chinooks really are a saving grace here. I’m not sure I’d enjoy living in this area as much if we didn’t get the occasional reprieves that chinooks bring. Winter is just…not my favorite thing.

Mom has kept on with her blanket:

Mom’s progress for February.

Mom’s progress for February.

I sent her a few articles about blocking acrylic yarn so I think she’s a bit more satisfied now with how her squares are turning out, which I’m really glad for! Like me, she has a whole whack of blue this month and also has a green square that sticks out. We’re both looking forward to getting into some other colors as soon as possible!

March will be here before we know it. Look for my next blanket update toward the end of that month. Until then, happy hooking!

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