It's 2018: Temperature Blanket is a Go!

2018 has arrived and I’m excited to “officially” begin my temperature blanket. :) In Calgary we’ve been having a deep freeze, so curling up on the sofa to work on this crochet project sounds just perfect.

My goal was to finish all sixty of the blank filler squares that the pattern requires by December 31, 2017 and I did! Truth be told I fell off the “one square a day” wagon after reaching square forty-four due to some other commitments and shenanigans that monopolized my time…and also because making that many black squares over and over and over got really boring (Color! My hook cries out for color!). After Christmas I powered through and got the last sixteen squares made, just under the wire!

Piles of black filler squares.

Piles of black filler squares.

Sixty squares represents about 14% worth of progress on the blanket. Doesn’t sound like much, does it? The piles stacked up on my shelf certainly look like a lot and I wonder where I’m going to keep all the other squares as I continue on. Based on the pattern, I won’t be able to seam my first row until about the middle of April. That’s just over one hundred days (one hundred squares!) from now, and not all sixty of the squares are going to be used up right away. Piles and piles and piles of squares… I’ll have to label each square with the date so I don’t lose track of them!

The sixty filler squares used up almost 600g (two big balls) of Bernat Blanket yarn. I have just a scraggly mess of the coal colorway left over. Based on this I think I bought way too much of the other yarn, since each of the remaining squares will be two colors: the first round for the daily low, and the second round for the daily high. (But can anyone ever have too much yarn, really?) Also, since I will be using the daily low, it means I will wait until tomorrow to do today’s square. Our weather has been so crazy (and so cold) that using the expected forecast for the day might not be how things actually turn out. I am too anal to go by some weatherman’s best guess on the day of—I want the actual results. Thankfully, I can use the Weather Network or the Farmer’s Almanac websites to look up the previous day’s data, and these websites will also be handy if I end up falling behind at any point.

My color chart only goes to -28°C (and below). In the last week we’ve had some overnight temps reaching into the -30s and daily highs that weren’t much warmer. In the coming days this is supposed to improve but I have wondered if I might need to re-jig my chart again if another deep freeze hits, to add another temperature bracket on the low end. If the winter is going to be brutally cold I don’t really want to end up with a huge block of lead (the colorway I chose for temps of -28 and below) dominating the blanket and making it monochrome. Just have to wait and see, and hope I don’t end up with a bunch of frogging to do… (I smell a spreadsheet in my future! It will probably be prudent to record each day’s high and low, in case I do end up frogging so I don’t have to go back and look up all the temps all over again.)

Have you decided to do a temperature blanket for 2018? Tell me about your project, the colors you chose, and the area you live in, in the comments below!