Temperature Blanket: June Update
A cool summer day: June 10 (and June 14 too).

A cool summer day: June 10 (and June 14 too).

Wow! It’s June 30. Time has flown by—half the year is gone, which means my blanket is about half finished!

Getting to this point is a pretty big milestone. This is my first blanket, the biggest crochet project I’ve undertaken to date, so it’s a pretty huge commitment. So far so good! I’ve managed to avoid burnout (though there have been moments!) and while there’s still a lot of seaming to do, the rows are coming together. The blanket isn’t quite big enough to start snuggling under yet (don’t really need that at this time of year) but it’s getting there. My mountain of yarn is starting to wind down too. Some colors are reducing faster than others. The bag I keep all the individual squares in is bursting!

In addition to being the halfway point of 2018, it’s the end of the second quarter too. Let’s see where things are at!

Lots and lots of teal!

Lots and lots of teal!

June is often a wet month in Calgary, our own little monsoon season, but this year it’s been fairly dry, sunny, and warm. My spreadsheet shows the overnight temperatures have been steady but cool… I’ve gone through Glacier and Seafoam blanket yarn at a pretty fast clip, and the temperatures overall have made for a lot of repeat—but lovely—color combinations again.

Hopefully I won’t run out of Glacier! Not long ago I was contacted through Ravelry by another crafter looking to see if I had any Glacier to spare, and at this rate I don’t think that will end up being the case. From what I understand, that colorway was a special run by Yarnspirations just for Michael’s so is no longer available. That’s really too bad because it’s such a pretty, delicate shade.

No, that’s not a typo on June 5. It really did get down to -1°C (30.2°F) as the overnight low that night! On some mornings going to work I have seen what looks to be lingering frost on car windshields, and more often than not there is puffy, thick cotton-like fog hogging the valley floor. Last month I started to consider whether I might have to add another color and temperature bracket if it turned out the summer would be hot, because May unexpectedly required the Lilac yarn and had a lot of purple in it. Instead of continuing that trend June has only teased with getting into the 28°C range, but July and August are still to come…

June 1 through June 24 squares. June 10 has already been seamed into a row.

June 1 through June 24 squares. June 10 has already been seamed into a row.

Lots of purple still, but mostly shades of teal. I’m really pleased with how this palette is turning out! When it’s all together I think my blanket is going to be pretty. :)

Since it’s the end of the quarter and the mid-point of the year, here’s a look at everything to date:

The spreadsheet so far: January 1 to date.

The spreadsheet so far: January 1 to date.

The color shift from the first quarter into the second one seems startling, even to me and even though I’ve lived here my whole life. Canada as a whole is no stranger to long winters, and we can sometimes have miserable weather hanging around well into May here. A church near where I live had a sign up in May that said, “May is God’s apology for February” and February certainly sticks out with that stretch of brutal overnight lows. The last week of April likewise stands out as finally having given winter a clear boot out the door even if most of the overnight temps still slipped below freezing.

What will July look like? I wonder. The Calgary Stampede starts in six days, and the Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth is notorious for several things: Wrangler bums, rodeo fun, questionable menus, blistering hot weather, and at least one day of lightning/hail/torrential rain/snow (take your pick). So, I could see a surprise square or two in the next two weeks.

Four rows and counting...

Four rows and counting…

The seamed rows continue to be difficult to photograph because the blanket is so wide. For now I have decided to show my progress with part of the blanket folded over. When it’s finished I’ll find a way to do a big reveal of the whole thing. :) More rows definitely mean more structure and stability, as the squares are not as floppy as before. Its weight is also becoming noticeable already. This is not going to be a light blanket by any stretch when it’s finished.

Mom's June progress.

Mom’s June progress.

Mom has used so much green already that she’s run out and will have to get more before she can continue! Thankfully, she’s using Red Heart yarn so her colors remain readily available. She hasn’t started joining her panels yet, but I expect that once she gets June finished she’ll probably put all of the first six together.

With the onset of July and the third quarter of 2018, we are starting the homestretch!

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