Temperature Blanket: March Update
Not a speck of green for St. Patty's Day.

Not a speck of green for St. Patty’s Day.

According to the calendar, it’s supposed to be spring. Supposed to be. The snow flying by the window indicates otherwise, but then, I do live in the Great White North…

March, like February, hasn’t been that fun as far as the weather goes. Snow, and snow, and more snow. And just when we started to think we were done, yep, even more snow! As I write this, southern Alberta is under yet another heavy snowfall warning, with up to twenty centimeters expected. By tomorrow morning it should be done, maybe. We’ll see. I’ve heard a lot of people complaining about this apparent never-ending winter, and Old Man Winter and Mother Nature might just want to stick it to us for a bit longer.

You’d think, having been born here and lived here my whole life to date, that I’d be used to this kind of crap weather. Nope. I’m with the complainers: sick of winter, bring on spring and more colors for my blanket!

So many repeat colors...

So many repeat colors…

One saving grace is that it wasn’t as bitterly cold this month as it was in February (other than overnights from March 3 to March 8), which meant not having to leave the house wearing every piece of clothing I own. Score one! Alas, the blasé but warmerish weather had a different drawback: the squares for March are boring. There are so many repeat color combos! I struggled with staying up to date because I tired of doing the same squares so many times. Mom had trouble keeping up with her blanket this month, too.

Notice March 2? The temperature barely moved that day so, for the first time, I have a square that is a solid color. Baby Blue seems to be a good representation of the month overall: icy snow! I do wonder how many more times this year I might end up with solid color squares… Probably only during seasonal changes, eh?

Mother Nature et al didn’t play nice for St. Patrick’s Day either. It would have been cute to have the high get into the 3°C-7°C range at least so that the square would be edged with green! Ah well. Lost opportunity there!

Tomorrow is the last day of March, though as of this writing I’ve only crocheted up to March 27. Here is my progress:

Solid blue for March 2!

Solid blue for March 2!

See what I mean about repeat colors? I really love Glacier in and of itself, but having it with all that Baby Blue…oy.

The first quarter of 2018 is over already!

The first quarter of 2018 is over already!

It being the end of March means the first quarter of 2018 has ended—already! Twenty-five percent of the year done, poof, just like that. With this in mind, I thought it might be neat to have a look at how the past quarter shaped up. Excel to the rescue once more!

The periodic chinooks (light green temps) stand out just as much as the bouts of deep freeze. (But no wonder we were so miserable in February: only one day where the temperature popped up into the green? Yikes.)

What a relief chinooks are! Without them I think I would have had to move away from the Calgary area a long time ago. A chinook is a specific kind of warm wind that happens here where the prairies meet the mountains. The wind can be very fierce (hurricane force or more). It creates a spectacular cloud arch in the sky and can cause our temperatures to swing drastically, sometimes as much as forty degrees (eg, -19°C to 22°C) in an hour or so, which lends well to melting everything and giving some homes temporary lakefront properties when drains clog up with slush. When it’s over the wind vanishes just as fast and everything quick freezes, making for some…interesting (read: treacherous) driving conditions, lots of busted up water mains, that kind of fun stuff.

This yo-yoing of the temperature is hard on people who are sensitive to weather system changes. Like many others who live around here, I sometimes get wicked headaches when a chinook is rolling in, though I gladly suffer having them in exchange for the temporary reprieve from winter!

Mom's March progress.

Mom’s March progress.

Mom’s March squares have a similar issue to mine: lots and lots of grey! Just like in February, she also has one anomalous green square. She’s happy to not have as much yellow though!

It’s Easter long weekend, and April begins in just a few days. I depart for New Zealand next week! I can’t begin to describe how stoked I am for this trip, even though I’ll have a pile of squares to do when I get back. I won’t be taking my blanket yarn with me, though I may take another crochet project I have on the go as something to do in the evenings to help wind down before bed. Watch for posts about my trip and the April blanket update not long after I get back!

Until then, happy hooking. ♥

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