Temperature Blanket: September Update
From hot to cold in just a few weeks...

From hot to cold in just a few weeks…

September! Autumn, back to school, crisp air. The month went by quick (again), particularly as I spent ten days out on Vancouver Island at the Tigh-Na-Mara Seaside Spa Resort for a work conference. The time away was decent, and I took as much advantage of being out on the BC coast as I could muster given the circumstances and the mostly wet weather. I even took a small crochet project a coworker asked me to do for her!

Before I talk about my blanket, I want to share what Mom has done with hers, so let’s dive right in!

I mentioned last month that Mom had an accident after coming back from the United States, so that combined with the trip to the US meant she didn’t make any progress on her blanket. She hadn’t had a proper July update either because she ran out of yarn. This month? The update is all about her knitted work!

Mom's July section. So much green!

Mom’s July section. So much green!

August. Look at that splotch of red. Hot! Hot! Hot!

August. Look at that splotch of red. Hot! Hot! Hot!

September, with cooler tones returning.

September, with cooler tones returning.

What a stark contrast there is between September and the previous two months, eh? After the first week, temperatures here went in the toilet. It started snowing (not too much) the week I was to fly out to BC; the day I left, the airport was de-icing planes, and the weather in Calgary was pretty gross overall with more snow while I was gone.

After falling so far behind, having to wait a ridiculous length of time for more yarn to be delivered, and given her initial dissatisfaction with choosing worsted weight for her blanket…well, when the accident happened I wouldn’t have been surprised if Mom had shelved the project. Instead, she put in a ton of time and effort! I’m really so proud of her for catching up like this. I think that having more than half the blanket actually finished helps. It’s big enough to snuggle under. Just three months to go!

As for me…

July, August, and September temperatures.

July, August, and September temperatures.

The grass green cells in the “Days” columns are the only squares I’ve finished for July and August. Zero progress for September. :( Part of me feels pretty guilty, especially after seeing Mom’s amazing work! I had hoped my plan to only do the squares I need for each row would be easier, but so far that’s proven to be a struggle. I continue to feel overwhelmed by everything I have on my plate right now and have had to make some choices about what to prioritize. This project ended up being one that had to hit the back burner. I haven’t abandoned it. Just a few days ago I was able to put some time into seaming most of a row, but realized I need more July squares before I can finish. I’ll keep tracking the weather and put time into making squares when I can. Once some more important tasks get handled, that will free up my time again and ideally I’ll be able to catch up just like Mom did.

Like Mom’s blanket, mine will also have a stark color change in September. There’s even grey creeping back in already! Yikes! I didn’t really expect to be getting back into the cooler colors so soon, particularly after the shock of having to add pink for those two very hot days in August. Makes me wonder what October will look like…

Until next time, happy hooking!

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