Temperature Blanket: Back to Square One

The summer has flown by and soon 2018 will be here! It might be a bit early to be thinking about the new year for most things, but when it comes to yarn projects more lead time seems better, especially when trying to source specific yarn or adhere to a particular plan. The other day I reminded Mom that we should think about getting yarn for our temperature blankets. She (quite excitedly) exclaimed that she had finally found a pattern she felt she could use—and now I’m excited about it too!

Temperature Blanket pattern by Devrie

Temperature Blanket pattern by Devrie

The pattern Mom found is Devrie’s Temperature Blanket (which is free on Ravelry for the 2017 calendar year!). It’s both a knit and a crochet pattern which is really cool. Devrie cleverly figured out how to spread 365 days over a rectangle in a balanced way, which nicely solves the problem I was having when I was trying to figure out how to adapt the pattern I originally chose for my blanket. Her pattern is way better than what I was going to do!

The idea is to make a square for each day of the year (which is why the pattern works for both knit and crochet). So long as you end up with a square, and each square is the same size in the end, it doesn’t matter what stitch is used. Different stitches or square patterns could even be used for each day (or month) to add more texture to the blanket. The squares are then seamed together to make the blanket, basically like a quilt.

When Mom showed me this I instantly liked it! I also think it will be nice if Mom and I use the same pattern but different yarn and techniques so we can compare our blankets after they are done.

For me, the obvious choice is to do granny squares, but I worried that since I want to make my blanket with Bernat Blanket yarn that I might still end up with something that is ginormous. Nothing wrong with a big blanket of course, but I don’t want to drown in it either. I’ve also never done granny squares before!

Repeat Crafter Me's Bernat Blanket Granny Squares

Repeat Crafter Me’s Bernat Blanket Granny Squares

Thankfully, the internet came to my rescue: Repeat Crafter Me has an excellent and easy method to make granny squares with this bulky yarn! I tried it out with a 7mm hook and the square is about four inches wide, which will be perfect for the pattern Mom found. I might buy a slightly bigger hook to make the squares a little bigger (as the pattern calls for 4.5″ squares). These squares are also just two rounds which means I can easily work two colors into each one: the low temperature of the day (round one), and the high temperature (round two). I think this will be really cool and create nice contrasts in colors (particularly in the winter when it can be bitterly cold overnight but a chinook could roll in during the day and send the temperature rocketing up).

Speaking of temps rocketing up, it has been a pretty hot summer in Calgary this year with a fair few days over the 30°C mark. Yuck! I’m not fond of the cold but this heat is a bit much too. In the event we have a similar summer next year, I’ve thought it prudent to add a 30°C+ temperature band to my color chart, otherwise the summer months could end up with a huge chunk of 25°C+ days that won’t reflect as accurately how the weather really was. Likewise, for balance I’m adding a -30°C+ band too. Unfortunately, Bernat Blanket doesn’t come in the same range of colors as other yarn so I’m still trying to figure out how to rework my color palette. I did find a few surprise shades at Michaels that weren’t listed on the Yarnspirations website, so hopefully I’ll get lucky and be able to fill in everything. I also need to be able to order what I haven’t been able to source locally, but some of the colors I need are out of stock online. Fingers crossed they show up again before I need them!