"Little Things" for the Corporation UI
A CEO's nightmare.

A CEO’s nightmare.

The other day CCP Punkturis asked the playerbase to describe its “biggest pain points in the corp interface”. Wow, what a can of worms! Naturally, roles and titles are at the top of everyone’s list, including mine, and rightly so. It is by far the biggest pain point any CEO has to deal with in EVE Online. But then, forty-five posts into the thread, CCP Punkturis and CCP Sharq both backtracked to say, well, no, they weren’t really looking for the “biggest” pain points, they actually just want little things—the low-lying fruit—that might be easy to fix to help CEOs out.

If you’re a CEO, or have ever been a CEO at any time (even if for just five seconds!), do yourself and all CEOs everywhere a favor and post in that thread. Post even if everything you want to say about how godawful the corporation interface is has already been said by everyone else before you. Reiteration and repetition of these same pain points by multiple voices will help drive home their importance to the devs. It’s worth it.

And yes, mention roles and titles anyway. Pay no attention to the devs’ insistence that they aren’t looking at roles and titles right now. Do eeet anyway.

I already posted my thoughts in the thread, starting here. It took my entire evening and three forum posts to cover everything I wanted to say but it was definitely time well spent if it makes a difference for the future. :) Here it is, for posterity’s sake:

Individual pilots have a Notes tab (under Show Info). It would be nice if Corporations and Alliances also had a Notes tab on their Show Info windows.

The Corporation interface has a minimum height that is more than half of a 1080p screen. This is annoying. If I want to view less of the window vertically, let me shrink it.

I would like to echo suggestions made by others for some kind of organizational or hierarchy chart similar in design to the Fleet wing/squad tree so that I can organize my members by divisions I create (such as “Combat” and “Industry”) and by seniority so that newer members can see who they can approach for help and where their place is in the group. I want to be able to have subdivisions too (such as “Combat” being split between PVE and PVP, or Industry being split between Mining and Production).

Someone suggested more taxation options for both corporations and alliances. Yes please. In particular would really like to be able to automatically tax a portion of the ore my miners bring in so that they can go out and do ops solo or as a group and nobody has to worry about what’s “fair” to donate to the corp/alliance, or is everybody donating the same amount, etc. Less micromanagement would be great. I envision this working in some fashion like reprocessing.

Home Tab

The most recently-edited bulletin always pops to the top of the list. This might be okay for some people but it would be nice to have a choice for the sort order, for example, alphabetically by title, or manually by a settable priority list.

Corp (and alliance) bulletins are too hard for new members and/or new players to find. They need to be linkable in channel MOTDs.

The Edit Corporation Details window needs to be resizable and it should have rich text options just like character bios.

If I click the “Update With My Skills” button in the Edit Corporation Details window and the number doesn’t change, how do I know the game actually did anything, or if the button is broken? A confirmation of some kind would be nice.

Improved variety of symbols, symbol quality, colors, and number of layers in the corp logo picker would be great. Existing symbols shouldn’t be removed, but could be tweaked to look less 1998.

The number of Divisions for the hangar and for the wallet should be independent of one another. If I rename these Divisions these names should be displayed everywhere, especially when setting roles.

Recruitment Tab

I feel the Search and My Applications tabs don’t really belong in the Corporation interface. I think elsewhere in the thread it was stated that Search was going to be moved to People and Places but I think My Applications could go too. My feeling is the Corporation window should only be about the corporation you are currently in, not where you might be hoping to go.

Why is the “Edit Welcome Mail” button on the Corporation Ads tab? This is not intuitive.

If a corporation ad is about to expire, the CEO/Directors should get a notice about it rather than having to track the expiry date manually. Alternatively, an “auto renew” tickbox would be nice.

The Applications to Corporation tab displays a blank window if there are no apps. Similar to the Wars tab in Show Info, there should be some kind of placeholder text here so that people know the window has actually finished loading if there are no results.

Members Tab

The “Last Online” column is horribly misleading. People who are new to the corporation are going to look here and get the wrong impression about activity levels. For example, if it’s December 18 EVE time and one of my corp members was last logged in on December 17 EVE time, this column should not display “Last Week”! Likewise, if it’s December 18 EVE time and one of my corp members was last logged in on December 10 EVE time, this column should not display “Last Month”! Yet it does!

Find Member in Role/Role Management/Title Management – As others have said, the entire roles/titles system needs to be scrapped and rebuilt. I would actually prefer a role picker structured in similar fashion to the Notifications setting window: group abilities by category and let me select them individually.

Speaking of roles, the TRADER role is incomplete. People with this role can set buy/sell orders on behalf of the corporation, but they are NOT able to view the Corporation Orders tab in the Market window unless I ALSO give them the Accountant role. This is just so, so dumb. If I want people to be able to trade for the corp then that’s all I want them to do—but they should be able to see what orders other traders in the corp have posted without being handed a bunch of additional permissions that really have nothing to do with posting buy/sell orders.

Clicking on the Auditing tab immediately brings up the YOU STILL HAVE TO PICK A MEMBER prompt. Well, duh—I just got to this tab and haven’t had a chance to do anything yet! Please fix this.

The Decorations tab should be renamed to Medals since that’s what they actually are, and it should allow the following:

  • awarding one medal to multiple people at the same time
  • awarding one medal to members of the same alliance
  • awarding one medal to pilots outside the alliance, with their ability to accept/deny
  • ability to edit existing medal name and descriptions, specifically to correct typos
  • ability to delete existing medals if they have never been awarded to anyone
  • ability for CEO to hide existing medals from the list of available medals if they have previously been awarded (so existing awardees don’t lose them) so as to prevent them from continuing to be used
  • improve loading time as well as how this portion of the interface displays current recipients of each medal

Improved graphics, colors, etc for medal design would be nice too.

Standings Tab

Please add “Date Added” and “Added By” columns on the Corporate Contacts tab so I and the people with the ability to set standings can see at a glance when standings were added and who did it. Labels are a good start to being able to track the reason the standing was added, but it would be nice if the labels or an equivalent kind of field was visible to regular corp members so they know why, too. Please ensure labels (or future iterations of labels) are a ‘set once and forget it’ thing—I hate setting them and then coming back a few days later to see that only some of them stuck.

If someone other than me sets a new standing or amends an existing one, as CEO I want to be automatically notified about that. Actually, I would really like it if everyone in the corporation (or alliance, if it’s an alliance-level standing) was automatically notified about any standings changes no matter who makes the change—this would save having to send mails or make forum posts.

Please also add a way for a Corporation to automatically draw its standings from the Alliance instead of having to set its own. For example, if I set Corporation X as +10 at my alliance level, I don’t want my member CEOs to also have to set Corporation X as +10 so that Corporation X receives the right tax privilege at our POCOs. I’d rather have a checkbox that has the alliance +10 standing filter down automatically to the corporation level, and then have a checkbox on my POCOs that allow it to read my alliance standings rather than corporation standings. Having said this, if a corporation is drawing its standings from the alliance level it should still have the ability to set separate standings if it needs to–it just shouldn’t allow duplicates (if the alliance has set +10, the member corp shouldn’t be able to set the same entity as -10, that kind of thing).

Wars Tab

Please move the Kill Reports tab from this part of the interface, or have one here that is only specific to war kills/losses. All non-war kills/losses should not be listed under WARS.

Politics Tab

I’m really not a fan of the voting system, period, and would be happy if it got trashed. When I took over as CEO I discovered a swath of locked blueprints and had to endure the pain that was having them be unlocked so I could move them. That whole process and the massive amount of clicking required probably gave me carpal tunnel. Honestly, there should be better ways to deal with corporation issues than using a voting system–I think most corporations in EVE probably don’t run that well on a democratic system anyway.

Assets Tab

Please give CEOs the ability to remotely trash items (whether just in an office, or impounded, or in lockdown), especially if they are old items located in places I cannot now get access to (such as player-owned stations in 0.0).

On the In Space tab, it’s all well and good to see I have X number of POCOs in a given system but it would be infinitely more useful to know what planet and moon they are positioned at so I can tell the difference between them if I’m changing settings or transferring ownership.

Alliances Tab

The alliance portion of the interface should be completely separate, with its own Alliance button on the UI. If a corporation is not a member of an alliance, that UI button should either be automatically hidden or should take them to an appropriate tab in People and Places to find an alliance they can join.

I want to have an Alliance ad so I can recruit new corporations just like I have a Corporation ad to recruit new players.

Bulletins: See comments under HOME TAB above.

Under the (alliance) Home tab, one of the Details attributes says “Dictatorial” with “No” under it. I dug around on Google about this once and to my knowledge, all alliances say this. If this is never going to be developed, please remove it. But since voting is godawful it would probably be better if this attribute was actually used for something and could be editable by the current executor.

Just like the Edit Corporation Details window, the Edit Alliance window is also not resizable and does not have rich text options on it.

I’d like to nominate the Rankings tab as another portion of the interface that should be moved to People and Places. Personally, I don’t really care where/how my alliance ranks but if someone is curious about that stuff they are probably going to look in P&P.

The Applications tab needs to generate a notification to the alliance executor CEO at a minimum about new apps to the alliance. There is no category in either the old or the new notification system for this, and in writing this post I have discovered that an app to my alliance has been sitting on this tab for who knows how long that I didn’t know about. There is no date for this app either so I have no idea when it was submitted. This is really, really bad!

The My Applications tab in this portion of the interface should be moved and renamed. After all, it’s not “my” application—it’s the corp’s application to join another alliance. Just as how I think the corp interface should be about just the corp you’re in right now, the alliance portion of the interface should also be just about the alliance you’re in. Move this kind of thing to People and Places, or maybe even make a whole separate Recruitment window for corporation and alliance searching, etc.

On the Members tab, it would be nice to see when the members joined the alliance so I don’t have to look it up on their Show Info windows individually.

Alliance Contacts: See comments under STANDINGS TAB above.

Last but not least:

Bentakhar wrote:
Would be nice to have a little icon in corp chat (NPC corps excluded) with people’s status:
>Available to chat
>Wife Aggro

+1 to this, but make it say “Spouse Aggro” since some of us are female and might have hubbies who don’t play. :p


Makari Aeron
B. have the corp hangars be able to have a description

Aryndel Vyst
Please allow for a “rejection evemail” if you reject a corp application. Either standard format like the welcome mail, or individual mails like a “rejection reason” box somewhere.

The use case is someone applies to corp but they screw something up with their application, and you want to tell them why. As it stands now you have to physically EVEmail them with the reason which is a lot of effort. Streamlining that process would be extremely helpful to corps that handle hundreds of applications a month.

Corp contracts longer than 14 days. In fact, since your asking, how about sell/buy orders limited to your corp members if people so chooseþ

+1 to these ideas.

Tycho Bheskagor wrote:
Corporate training certificates to skill into doctrine ships would be nice.

I love this idea.

TigerXtrm wrote:
5. Hanger logging. PLEASE. Whenever something is taken from a public corp hanger it needs to be logged just like on secure containers. Create a role for viewing the log, maybe even separate roles per hanger. Why? Right now people are able to take every single thing in a corp hanger and there is no way of figuring out who took it.

So much this. I would rather use containers to keep things organized rather than to micromanage who took what, if I could see that on the hangar level overall instead.

Thank you for reading! I’m all done now. :)