The deGuerre Family

On February 29, 2016, CCP discontinued the EVElopedia. Unfortunately for some players, the wiki contained the only record of their adventures in New Eden.

The following article was originally authored by Carl Marsalis. I am republishing the content with his permission so that these character histories are not lost.

Louis deGuerre

Louis deGuerre

Louis deGaulle was born on Gallente Prime in the Gallente Federation, the empire of the free, where you have freedom of religion, freedom of speech…and freedom to starve. At a young age he was abandoned by his mother on the dark streets in the shadow of the stratoscrapers that define the Gallente cities. Like many other disregarded citizens he survived alone on the refuse of those more fortunate until he was arrested and enrolled in a Youth Reclamation Program. When he was tested in the camp school his analytical skills were noticed and eventually he was enrolled in the Federation Navy. There he became a capsuleer and ventured out into the universe. In gratitude to the Federation Navy for the change in his miserable life he assumed the surname deGuerre, meaning war in the now archaic language of the original founders of the Gallente Federation.

Using the skills he acquired in his studies he hacked into the Federal Administration’s DNA records trying to find out if he had any family. He discovered that his mother and father were long dead due to substance abuse, but that two other children matching his DNA pattern had once been arrested as well. His brother and sister had been sired by other men than his dead father. After their release from custody their DNA matches never appeared again. This meant that they were either dead or living in another empire. He continued to search for them with little success, as all he had were two police ID photos of angrily scowling youths and their names, Hanako Nakamura and Batukhan Kiyat.

YC109 December (Trinity)

After his required service as a combat pilot for the Federation Navy, Louis became interested in Astral Mining Inc.’s network of extensive contacts with other empires, hoping this might help him in his search for his missing siblings. While he worked for them he flew with Legion of Shadow (SLOS) corporation and rose in the ranks to become director. Wishing to learn more about industry he joined their newly created sister corporation Paladin Mining and Production (PMAP) and there soon became the CEO.

After climbing his way up the ladder at Astral Mining Inc. to better agents he got a lead that his sister Hanako might be found in the Amarr Empire. Understanding that the huge Amarr Navy had the best resources in Amarr space he offered them his services which they gladly accepted. During his long service with the Amarr Navy his search also brought him deep to the lawless 0.0 region of Providence, where a Bestower carrying a Caldari national bearing the name Hanako Nakamura was last sighted. While searching through Providence he flew with Risen Heretic Armada (R H A) corporation.

Sadly, he never found a trace of the missing ship, but he did find Amarr space becoming ever more unwelcome to Gallente capsuleers and awash with rumors of impending war with the Gallente Federation. Disheartened with his failed search, he left messages for Hanako at The Scope and other corporations and returned back to Gallente space where he re-applied to the Federation Navy. The debt of honor to his benefactor had to be paid.

YC110 May

Dark clouds began to hover over the fragile peace between the empires.

In May the last surviving Gallente veteran of the first Gallente-Caldari War, Admiral Alexander Noir, deliberately crashed his Nyx supercarrier FNS Wandering Saint into the Ishukone megacorporation headquarters station at Malkalen V – Moon 1 where an economic summit was taking place. Among the many dead was the Ishukone CEO Otro Gariushi, which allowed warmonger Tibus Heth to take control of the Caldari State and made war almost inevitable.

Later that month there was a tense standoff between CONCORD DED units and a combined Republic Fleet/Thukker Tribe fleet in Yulai. This would later turn out to be an Elder Fleet.

During the quiet before this storm Louis met some nice people and, making the most of the last days of peace, he joined their corporation Chimera Tech (CMERA). He spent a very relaxed time flying with them, learning the finer points of small scale frigate combat and sharing some of the skills he had acquired during his training by the Federation Navy.

YC110 June (Empyrean Age)

On the 10th of June total war broke out between the four great empires when in a surprise attack by the Elder Fleet the CONCORD station in Yulai was destroyed, effectively disabling CONCORD temporarily. The Caldari Navy wasted no time in invading Gallente space and capturing the Luminaire system which contains their old homeworld Caldari Prime as well as the Gallente homeworld and Louis’s birthplace Gallente Prime.

While the Caldari were occupying Luminaire the Minmatar Elder Fleets invaded Ammatar and Amarr space in an all-out assault to free their enslaved brethren. The Amarr were pushed back and the conflict resulted in the Battle of Mekhios in the Sarum Prime system when presumed dead Heir Jamyl Sarum suddenly appeared and annihilated an entire Elder Fleet with a Terran superweapon. After this disastrous defeat the Minmatar fled back to their own space.

After a day of all-out war, CONCORD managed to get their station in Yulai operational again and combat between the empire navies ceased. However, unable to restrain the war hungry capsuleers, they decided to issue the CONCORD Emergency Militia War Powers Act so that controlled Factional Warfare over disputed lowsec regions would still be allowed.

When news of the Caldari invasion of Luminaire reached him, Louis and other Gallente loyalists rushed to their ships and engaged the Caldari task force guarding Caldari Prime, consisting of a Leviathan class titan with a large escort fleet. After fighting for hours against the Caldari Navy, Caldari capsuleer loyalists, and CONCORD who was there fighting everyone, the Gallenteans managed to destroy all opposition except the Leviathan, effectively leaving the Caldari in control of the skies over Caldari Prime. To his dismay CONCORD allowed the Caldari to remain in control of Caldari Prime. Over time Louis took part in several capsuleer attempts to destroy the titan, all without success.

After Louis heard about the new capsuleer militias he immediately decided to fight for his beloved Federation and applied to the Gallente militia. Many capsuleers followed his example and joined one of the militias. The war had begun.

All his training had not prepared Louis for the grim reality of continuous chaotic fleet battles all over the combat zone between the Gallente Federation and the Caldari State. For four months he flew with the Federation Zone Operation Command (ZOCOM) corporation in the brutal conflict with the Caldari over control of the Black Rise region.

YC110 October

As a result of her victory over the Minmatar in June, Jamyl Sarum was crowned empress of the Amarr empire in a grand ceremony.

Meanwhile Louis spent brief periods flying for the regular Federal Defense Union militia and the Universe At War (U.A.W) corporation in his continuing struggle against the Caldari in the faction wars.

Exhausted from the endless warfare, he went on a pilgrimage to to the EVE Gate in the New Eden system, looking for spiritual renewal. After evading the local pirates, he reached his goal and marveled at the spectacle before him. He spent a few days meditating and reflecting on his ancient ancestors from Earth who had created this miracle of engineering. He realized they must have had an incredibly strong sense of purpose to be able to have achieved this and this inspired him to regain his own sense of purpose. He dutifully returned to the war.

YC110 November (Quantum Rise)

In a surprising turn of events, the Amarr Heir Uriam Kador ordered his family fleet to invade Gallente space where his forces clashed with Gallente defenses in the Ratillose system. A massive Gallente counterattack followed and the Amarr fleet was completely annihilated. A retaliatory strike at Kador Prime followed where the remains of the Kador fleet were wiped out and the Gallente traitor Grand Admiral Anvent Eturrer was captured after which the Gallente forces returned to their own space.

With his morale restored, in December Louis switched tack and spent three months fighting a solo guerrilla war deep behind Caldari lines under the banner of Hanako’s personal mercenary corporation Public Funded War Targets (PFWT).

YC111 March (Apocrypha)

On the 10th of March the empires were confronted with terrible news. Various stars suddenly experienced a main-sequence anomaly and in these events an ORE expedition in the 3HQC-6 system in the Outer Ring region and the hundreds-of-ships-strong Thukker Great Caravan Lakat-Hro in the SL-YBS system in the Great Wildlands region were completely destroyed. The Gallente planet Seyllin I in the Essence region was heavily damaged and, after frantic rescue operations which saved hundred of thousands, was completely destroyed as well when it was hit by what appeared to have been a stellar mass ejection. Millions perished in these cataclysms.

After the initial shock it was discovered that since these events took place, unstable wormholes would form randomly in regular known space, or k-space, which lead to other places in New Eden and sometimes to uncharted wormhole space, called w-space. The empires sent in expeditions and found that this w-space was populated by a deadly race called the Sleepers. Wormhole space would prove to be both highly dangerous and highly lucrative so soon the capsuleers ventured into w-space, established bases, and began to exploit it and fight among themselves for the best systems.

Curious, Louis took part in some of the exploration of w-space, but then returned to normal k-space and the trenches of the faction wars. His solo campaign of terror was noticed by the elite Azure Horizons Federate Militia corporation and he was invited to join. He spent five months flying with some of the best pilots in New Eden.

Meanwhile the massive numbers of the Caldari State Protectorate militia began to push the Gallente Federal Defense Union militia back while the Gallente Federation Navy dithered. In March the Intaki system containing Intaki Prime, the homeworld of the Intaki and one of the most important planets in the Federation, capitulated to the Caldari invaders. The outnumbered Gallente loyalists struggled to turn the tide but the Federation Navy proved no match for the Caldari Navy. By the end of May the Caldari had achieved total victory.

In a bitter mood a counter offensive was launched and the Gallente militia was slowly regaining ground and closing in on the Intaki system when it became clear that the Gallente and Intaki government lacked the political will to recapture their lost space. On August the 20th the Intaki government threw their lot in with the Caldari Ishukone megacorporation. After a few days of stunned disbelief, Louis left factional warfare in disgust at the Gallente appeasement policy.

He had spent more than a year in endless combat and had contributed so much to the liberation and defense of lowsec systems that he had risen to the rank of Aegis Commander. Meanwhile, the endless fighting had honed his combat skills until they were as sharp as the stiletto he used to wield when he was still living in the shadowy streets of Gallente Prime. As he left the lowsec battlefields behind him he was surprised to receive a message from his long lost sister Hanako.

YC111 August

Louise deGuerre (Hanako Nakamura)

Louise deGuerre (Hanako Nakamura)

Hanako had grown up on the streets of Gallente Prime like him, but had managed to get out of that life by getting a job as a security guard on a passing Iteron Mark V. Traveling all over the New Eden and taking every opportunity to improve her combat and piloting skills, she had quickly risen to become a professional mercenary. After several years of dangerous jobs and hard work she eventually rose to capsuleer status in Caldari space.

By this time Louis’s name had become known to the State Protectorate as a byword for vicious guerrilla attacks and so his name was often in the news when the Caldari had suffered another defeat. Hanako had been living in Caldari space since she left the Amarr Empire and when she saw his face on the Galactic News Network she was strangely fascinated by him. Some research on him quickly led her to the discovery of his long search for her.

She was shocked to find she had a half-brother and strongly moved by his quest to find her. They agreed to meet and hit it off like a station on fire.

From then on she operated as his second, rarely seen but ever close by, ruthlessly executing his plans when he was unable to implement them himself due to his many commitments. Her loyalty to him was so strong she changed her name to Louise deGuerre, to symbolize that they were as one.

Louis Khan (Batukhan Kiyat)

Louis Khan (Batukhan Kiyat)

Searching together, they managed to locate Batukhan Kiyat. He was living in Minmatar space on the planet Matar running a small crime syndicate. A cunning and secretive man, Louis and Hanako never found out how he ended up there. They paid for his transformation into a capsuleer without questions. In a symbolic gesture of fidelity Batukhan renamed himself to Louis Khan and joined their partnership. He then handled the intelligence and administration side of Louis’s ventures.

Hearing of his availability and presence in Minmatar space, Louis was quickly approached for a director role in The Rise Of The Dragon Knights (ROTDK) corporation. He had always enjoyed teaching new pilots the finer points of flying and this became his focus for quite some time. He quickly became the CEO, and eventually became the Executor of Void Alliance (VA) which his corporation had joined.

After half a year the alliance was betrayed by the previous Executor magei and suffered some damage before control of the alliance was recovered. The veteran members of the alliance regrouped into the newly founded Amicus Morte (AMICU) corporation and looked to move into 0.0 space.

YC112 April

Amicus Morte was invited to join Shock An Awe (-AWE-) alliance and come to Providence to fight for Against ALL Authorities (.-A-.) alliance in the Providence War against Curatores Veritatis Alliance (CVA) as part of a large coalition of smaller alliances called the New Providence NIP. Shock An Awe slowly gained more power in the coalition, eventually gaining three 0.0 systems, by which time Louis had become the CEO of Amicus Morte. After half a year the alliance Executor Bootdisk was overthrown by the CEOs of the member corporations and they reformed as the Dead Muppets (-DM-) alliance and claimed a fourth 0.0 system.

YC112 November (Incursion)

After a drama-filled six months which saw great personal success for Louis, the end was in sight for the New Providence NIP. The powerful Ev0ke (EV0KE) alliance was removed from Cloud Ring and decided to take over Providence. All-out war raged day after day, but Ev0ke did not manage to get a foothold against the combined forces of the New Providence NIP. After a month the French Not Found (404) alliance and the Northern Coalition (NC) alliance joined the Ev0ke offensive and the stalemate was broken. In the following weeks most of the alliances of the New Providence NIP evacuated Providence and went their own way.

Dead Muppets regrouped in hisec and Amicus Morte merged into Malevolence (.MOVE) corporation where Louis took up a director role. After considering many suitors Malevolence joined Imperial Order (I0) alliance.

Imperial Order were based in Impass and were fighting The Initiative (INIT.) alliance together with Against ALL Authorities and Stainwagon for control of Catch at the end of the First Catch War. After The Initiative was crushed and fleeing Catch Imperial Order claimed the entire constellation of FDR-EQ and its two stations.

YC113 April

After a fairly quiet time Imperial Order became involved in a war to control the Omist region. Together with Against ALL Authorities they assaulted the region and captured it with ease. Omist is about as far away from hisec as you can get, so the logistics were hard work and a continuing headache while living there. Meanwhile the overarching conflict of Against ALL Authorities versus the Drone Russian Federation (DRF) coalition was happening close by in Detorid. The battle lines swept back and forth but the front was slowly closing in on Louis’s new home in constellation 8MJO-4.

YC113 September

While Louis was having good fights all over Omist and the surrounding regions it was becoming apparent that the leadership of Imperial Order was becoming shaky. The charismatic alliance leader Vampire Lord was losing control over the bickering upper echelons. There were internal conflicts about the future direction of Imperial Order and with trepidation Louis watched the rise of suspicious characters to director level.

So it came as no great surprise to him when A Puppetmaster betrayed the alliance and disbanded it. As he did not enjoy living in Omist, Louis was not unhappy about this turn of affairs.

Malevolence evacuated back to hisec for some well deserved R&R and plans for the future were made.

YC113 November (Crucible)

MulaSoldats, one of the former Imperial Order directors which Louis did respect, had managed to get his corporation The Dark Tribe (TDT) into Against ALL Authorities. PAPULA, one of Louis’s closest friends and a fearsome warrior, invited him to join along with other ex-Malevolence members. After getting some guarantees about the quality of the membership Louis accepted and moved to his new home in the C3-0YD system of Tenerifis.

In the fairly quiet situation Louis found himself in he spent most of his time becoming an expert in the exploitation of 0.0 space through planetary interaction and teaching his sister Hanako the finer points of space warfare. Batukhan spent a lot of time out of sight in New Eden‘s largest trade hub Jita, most likely engaging in shady dealings.

YC114 January

For a year now hisec space had been terrorized by invasions of the evil Sansha’s Nation. Feeling some concern for the hisec denizens and enticed by the lucrative bounties Louis joined in the capsuleer struggle to beat them back. He spent a lot of time fighting against their incursions, though he also still found time to teach his sister who was becoming highly skilled in the noble art of deep space laser fencing. Meanwhile Batukhan was taking his first steps in learning how to fly the stealthy covert ops ships.

YC114 October

After many excursions and small wars in mid-YC114, Against ALL Authorities became involved in another giant conflict, namely the Southern Coalition (SOCO) versus the Clusterfuck Coalition (CFC). Heavily outnumbered, Against ALL Authorities was slowly pushed back and with the fall of GE-8JV (and thus the whole Catch region) imminent, Louis evacuated to Against ALL Authorities’ unconquerable core system LGK-VP in the Stain region.

Personality: Louis deGaulle

Cautious, Analytical, Honorable, Friendly

Louis’s background and experiences have made him cautious and analytical of his surroundings. Everything to him is a potential combat situation where victory must be attained. This can be quite wearisome to other people. On the other hand, the camaraderie and friendship he has experienced in his career have made him open himself up more to other people, so people don’t quite know what to make of him, introvert and intellectual one moment, extrovert and exuberant the next.

He is fiercely loyal to his siblings and to the Gallente Federation. He loves his half-sister Hanako but is worried that her ruthless disposition might get her into deep trouble one day. He loves his half-brother Batukhan as well but it annoys Louis that he never manages to get to know his brother better.

Personality: Hanako Nakamura

Cold, Reserved, Ruthless, Vindictive

Hanako’s harsh childhood and hard life as a mercenary have made her a strong and dangerous woman. Like her half-brother Louis, she was abandoned on the streets by her mother the moment her Caldari father left. Her only loyalty is to her siblings and whomever is paying her retainer. As long as she is paid on time she is completely loyal and not afraid to die for her employer. Despite her Caldari ancestry, she does not care that Louis is a Gallente loyalist.

She is a strict disciplinarian and especially hard on herself. Her only form of entertainment is physical exercise and mastering rare or unusual weaponry. Like Louis, she does not understand her other half-brother Batukhan, but unlike Louis, she does not care that she doesn’t as long as he is loyal. She rarely smiles, but she is rumored to laugh when she is finishing a termination contract. As only the victim knows for sure, no one knows if this is actually true. She is known to take offense easily and hold grudges for a long time.

Personality: Batukhan Kiyat

Amiable, Smooth, Calculating, Mysterious

No one knows how Batukhan ended up on Matar. His siblings speculate that he traveled back with his Minmatar father who left him in the care of the local clan orphanage when they arrived. Later in life Batukhan became a successful local crime lord before he met his siblings and became a capsuleer. He never speaks of his childhood, always managing to avoid questions by spinning outrageous tales of his recent criminal exploits instead.

He seems to be a very cheerful person, always laughing and cracking jokes and with a smile for everyone while somehow people around him end up defrauded or robbed due to no apparent fault of his. His motives for his loyalty to his siblings are unknown but he has safeguarded billions of ISK-worth of their assets, even taking care of alliance administration for them, without fault. He prefers to stay in the background, but may sometimes come to the fore when his stealthy skills are needed.


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