Glimmers of Awesome

It’s been a busy few months for me. At the end of March I sold my home, then moved in temporarily with my folks. Living at home again at 34 years old has been honestly not bad but it has put a serious crimp in my usual gaming schedule on top of having to work a load of overtime.

Now the possession date of my new home has arrived, which has brought a slew of new chaos and things to do with it, the least of which is arranging to move yet again. It’ll be good to be in my own place once more!

Despite all these real life shenanigans, not everything has been quiet on the EVE front.

Official Fansite



I’m super stoked to share that on April 20, 2015, Solitary Pilot became an official EVE Online fansite! It comes up on CCP’s fansite list under Canada for “blogs” and “fan art and fiction”.

This is particularly awesome since the majority of content posted here is personal fiction, as compared to the OOC posts I only recently started to put up too.

I’m not sure why I didn’t apply to be a fansite earlier but all the same it’s a wonderful privilege to be recognized now. Thank you CCP!

Getting Back into the Swing of Things

On the topic of fiction, and writing in general, last month my good EVE buddy, Darius Shakor, flew roughly halfway around the world to visit me for ten days. I took him on a whirlwind adventure around my home province of Alberta, but we also sat for a while just to talk about EVE and even looked a bit at some of the loose roleplay ends we both have flapping in the breeze when it comes to our characters.

This might sound a bit odd, but I don’t actually get to do that too often. Oh, certainly I think about and talk about the game to some degree every day when logged in. But there’s something different about being able to sit face to face with a friend that helps get the creative fires lit and the juices flowing again.

Darius has a tremendous amount of fiction written for his character but it’s all hidden away on his hard drive where no one but him has seen it. His character is Minmatar and based on what he told me, sounds to have a pretty well-thought out and lengthy story going for him. I’m hoping to coax him into making a website to publish his work on so other people can share his adventures.

For me, I’ve been stuck with a block for quite a while now. Most of it has been due to real life drama and whatnot getting in the way, but some has just been awful ol’ writer’s block. I’ve known for ages what I want to write but the words haven’t come out right. Every writer knows what I’m talking about.

But now that I’ve sat with Darius, brainstormed a bit, and talked out some ideas, I feel like I can take another crack at it. Being able to see another person be excited about my ideas face to face helps a lot. I’m looking forward to opening those dusty documents again and then having new content to post.

Things Afoot for the Front

Darius’s visit, and being awarded fansite status, and getting out of my previous home—all have had other positive effects too. Having things to feel good about means feeling good in general. The stress and general funk I was in seems to be lifting, and while I’ll still have some adjustments to get used to in my personal life after I move, my energy levels are coming back up as the depression wanes.

This means that in the last week or so I’ve started looking again at projects I started for ILF and it looks like things are off to a great start.

May was the first month my pilots were able to accrue Loyalty Points for killing eligible targets. I wasn’t able to be around much but holy smokes did they step up! Richard alone ended the month with 50 eligible kills, while Daniel and Erun also racked up double digit totals. While to some players this might not seem like a lot, for us this is fantastic.

With that success in mind, I wanted to look at the other side of ILF: industry. We have a number of people who enjoy mining, building, and so on, and they are just as rightly deserving of recognition and LP awards as our PVP guys. Thanks to Erun’s help I’ve been able to add the first stage of what will grow into a proper LP program for these players, by offering LP in exchange for voluntary donations of their surplus minerals. I also have things to do to get the first of the ILF missions on offer too.

There are good times ahead!