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How should I care for the items I create with Iron Dragon yarn?

For best results (even with superwash yarn), hand wash in cold water and lay flat to dry. Never wring or scrub the yarn. Washing machines are not recommended either. Using a washing machine with your handcrafted items is not worth the risk after all the work you put into them!

Additionally, it’s best to use a neutral pH detergent such as Synthrapol or Dawn dish soap. Did you know? Regular laundry detergent or other soaps might increase the pH of your water (making it alkaline). Alkaline conditions encourage dye to “strip out” (bleed) regardless of how well the color was set originally: the chemical bond originally formed with acid between the dye and the yarn becomes broken in alkaline water, allowing dye particles to wash out. Yikes! If you’re not sure what the pH of your tap water is, see if your municipality’s water quality reports are posted online.

Note: If you live in an area with naturally alkaline water like I do (average pH of 8.2), bleeding is likely to occur even if you use a neutral pH detergent! In that case, you may also have to add a tablespoon or two of vinegar to your water or use distilled water to wash with.

Be sure never to use hot or warm water when washing, as that can also encourage bleeding.

I need more yarn than what you have in stock. Will you do a custom order?

I am open to taking custom/bespoke orders on a case-by-case basis. This means that sometimes the answer might be no, but sometimes it might be yes! I’m a one-woman operation so have to manage my time carefully. Please feel free to contact me so we can discuss your needs further.

How consistent are the colors in Iron Dragon yarn?

I work hard to ensure each colorway is reproduced as faithfully as possible each time I dye. However, I do not have dye lots and hand-dyed yarn always has some variation from one skein to the next. No two skeins will be exactly alike.

When using Iron Dragon yarn for larger projects, always alternate skeins every two or three rows to camouflage color differences between skeins.

I do my best to accurately represent colors in all photos. I do retouch product shots where necessary to ensure what I see on my calibrated monitor matches the yarn in my hand. Your monitor may still show the color differently. Please take this into account while shopping.

Will you cake/wind my order for me?

As a one-woman operation, I’m not able to provide this service at this time, sorry!

Additionally, many mail carriers calculate shipping based on package dimensions in addition to weight. Shipping one or more cakes creates a bulkier package than shipping hanks, so you’ll pay more for shipping! Nobody likes paying more for shipping!

Do you take all of the photos that your colorways are based on?

Yes! Photography is a hobby that I enjoy very much. Dyeing yarn based on photos I’ve taken is a great way for me to combine my interests, challenges me to get outside, travel, and find interesting color combinations in nature. I never use stock photographs or photos taken by other people.

Why don’t the yarn ties match the blend I bought?

The ties in Iron Dragon yarn are sometimes made from scrap yarn I have in my stash, regardless of the weight of the hank itself. This is a great way to use up yarn scraps from other projects. Waste not, want not!

Why did my yarn arrive in this funny-looking bag?

I put the yarn in a lightweight bag before putting it in the shipping bag. On the off-chance the shipment is torn (or opened by Customs) during transit, the yarn itself will still be wrapped up and hopefully protected from contamination. You never know what kind of sticky, gooey, leaky messes might be in the back of those mail trucks! The inner bag can also be useful for yarnists who like to store their yarn in plastic to prevent moths or other critters from getting at it.

Plastic is awful for the environment so wherever possible I try to reuse clean bags I already have from other sources (instead of buying new), and encourage you to reuse them too! Reusing bags also helps keep costs on packing materials down. When I don’t have anything suitable to reuse, I opt for compostable bags which you can reuse for kitchen scraps.

If you have a question that isn’t answered here, please feel free to ask!