Everything has to have a beginning. I suppose this is mine.

Sakaane Eionell

Sakaane Eionell

I was born on Intaki to a loving family. My father was a traditionalist and favored concentrating on our life at home. He and my mother sheltered my siblings and me from whatever lay beyond Intaki. I didn’t mind this so much until after I left Intaki and discovered the harsh realities of New Eden, and just how ignorant I was.

As a girl I loved to sing and as I grew into a young woman music became my passion, my art. I had gathered a modest following at home and believe I could have made a decent career for myself…but as I know now is wont to happen in Placid, one day the Serpentis changed my life forever. It’s an old story: a passenger liner, full of innocent travellers, in the wrong place at the wrong time. Rescue crews pulled my mother, me, and too few others from the wreck. Everyone else, including my father and siblings, were lost.

I don’t know if the pirates got what they wanted. I didn’t much care either way while enduring months of physiotherapy and rehabilitation following the attack. I was not in my right mind then: all I felt was rage and pain. I wanted revenge. My family was destroyed; my mother never fully recovered and wasted away in a nursing home. For myself, other injuries aside, at first my voice was lost to me and this was the most devastating. Even after my body healed and I could speak again, I found I could no longer find the spirit to sing. Lyrics that had been dear to me were now as ashes on my lips.

Too many others have suffered as I did. I decided to take my rage and channel it: with my family gone and my career over, I had an opportunity to start anew. I liquidated everything I had and managed to get safely out of Placid, applying to the Federal Navy Academy. I wanted a chance to make a difference for Intaki—and the only way I could do that was to become a capsuleer.

In YC110 I graduated in time for Tibus Heth’s poison to sweep through the State and the Federation. Those early days of the war showed me a great deal about the Navy and Federation I didn’t like, though I have no love for the State either. I swiftly left the Navy’s ranks, choosing instead to sign up with a group of capsuleers whose goals aligned with mine. With them the bitter taste of the war fell away and I grew to love combat and hunting my true quarry. Many a Serpentis ship has disintegrated under the heat of my ship’s turrets. Alas, the corporation’s focus was elsewhere in New Eden and kept me from returning to Intaki.

In YC112 my comrades’ interests turned to other pursuits, leaving me with another opportunity. I then learned of the Intaki Liberation Front and felt the true calling of my heart: to come home, return to my roots and relearn the tenets of Ida, defend my world as I originally intended, and prevent others from suffering as I did those many years ago.

This is my story. As I find my way through to my goal, maybe, just maybe, I will find my song again as well.