New Eden - Intaki Calendar
Click for full-size calendar.

Click for full-size calendar.

While writing a recent piece of fiction, I became interested in what season it happened to be, and other considerations related to date, in the southern Intaki hemisphere at the time the fiction took place.

After a bit of digging into the Vaanin k’Intaki and a calendar thread on the ILF forums, I decided to construct a chart as a kind of conversion tool.

This chart assumes, due to beliefs in rebirth (and taking into consideration the days of the Intaki week), the Intaki calendar year always begins on the first day of the week, even after Kumhbelaa (which, at only 11 days long, ends on the fifth day of the week, and the sixth day would be ignored).

The overall design of the chart is akin to a mirror image. One pixel is equal to one day. The New Eden (Earth) side is accurate to the actual calendar days from 2007 (YC109) onward, including leap years. Each long line is the start of a month. Every short line is a Sunday. On the Intaki side, each long line is also the start of a month and every short line is the first day of a week which I have assumed should actually be Day of Rebirth.

“N” and “S” across the top correspond to hemispheres (which wouldn’t exist for New Eden standard, but are helpful for conversions from the real world), while the colored blocks correspond to the seasons occurring in those hemispheres. On the New Eden side, the seasons are marked according to equinox and solstice as per real life, while on the Intaki side I used the seasons according to the calendar wheels in the Vaanin k’Intaki.

Keeping in mind that Intaki is a hot, tropical world with a late-sequence red star, typical weather (as suggested by the Vaanin k’Intaki) for each season is as follows:

Vitlakal – Winter: cool, rainy season
Valanay – Spring: warm, rainy season
Vilaad – Summer: hot dry season
Vharlaad – Autumn: cool dry season

The chart goes to mid-YC125 (mid-2023). If we are all still RPing that long from now I will be really impressed!

As with anything, YMMV. :)