Quietly EVE-ing

Life has been busy. Work has been kicking my ass since the start of 2017 which doesn’t leave much time for gaming. Even so, I’ve still managed to quietly continue my existence in New Eden, though my activity has shifted around some.




I’m still crocheting. Other than a Baby Groot that I made for my mom for Mother’s Day, everything I’ve created recently has been for EVE.

Otto Bismarck’s Pod Pal was finished on April 11. It took a long time because the details on the armor were so challenging. I’m happy with the end result though! There are some images of Pod Pal Otto in the gallery on the Pod Pals info page.

My latest creation is the TESTosaurus-Rex! I have seen the propaganda by Layckhaie Kaele, and after Otto was done I wanted to work on something a little different. The little dino was just too cute to pass up doing. Not strictly a Pod Pal per se, but still really fun. The little CO2 guy was a bit of a challenge but since he was in most of the images I was using for reference (and usually being held or cuddled by the TEST Rex) he had to be included too. Mostly I just wanted to see if I could get the crocheted object to look right as compared to the artwork. The end result is so adorable! I’ll have a hard time parting with him. :)

Game Activity to Support RP

The graphics card in my computer decided to have a meltdown at the end of April so my PC has been in the shop while I wait for a replacement card to ship in (thank god for product protection plans). Before it went in, I had been spending some time in-game running courier missions for Aliastra to boost standings.

Even though standings between players (or player corps) and NPC entities aren’t visible via Show Info anymore, in ILF we nonetheless try to put our money where our mouths are when it comes to public statements that we support specific entities over others. We had previously reviewed the various NPC corps available to mission for in Placid and decided which ones we like, which ones we are ambivalent about, and which ones we are against, based on their Show Info descriptions and what we know about them from the lore. From this we compiled a big master list that corp members are encouraged to refer to when they want to PVE. This of course helps all of us out for things like station service fees and the like, since it ideally means everyone is putting effort into grinding common standings. Aliastra is very high on our list of corps we prefer, seeing as it is the “Intaki megacorp”. Some of my people have made it a personal goal to get to +10 with the NPC corps that ILF favors the most.

Well, when I actually looked it turned out that my personal standings with Aliastra were essentially non-existent, which just wouldn’t do. I can’t (or shouldn’t) put up roleplay posts that say we are such best buds if I, as the CEO, would be barely tolerated by their people, eh? Running courier missions for Aliastra sounds mindless but is fairly easy to do with a movie on in the background and a crochet project in my lap. With work being such a stressor lately, this kind of low-impact activity has been perfect when I’ve been up for doing it.

(Re)Writing All the Things…Sorta

In the last few years my roleplay activity in EVE has really taken a beating, to the point where I’ve lost interest in real-time channel RP simply because I no longer have the patience for other players’ bullshit. But the lore of EVE still interests me and I still have stories I want to tell about Sakaane.

Getting back into the swing of writing EVE prose after being off that bandwagon for so long hasn’t been easy. The rut I fell into was pretty deep so it was hard to know how to climb out of it, especially when a big part of me felt so tired and even ambivalent about doing so at all. So, I decided to go back to the start, when I first began roleplaying this character, to see if I could recapture the enthusiasm I once had. After all, there are over 225,000 words of roleplay posted on this blog… Surely I could rediscover the RP spark somewhere among them.

Did you know I have an account on Fanfiction.net? It’s been there for a long time but I never really used it. When I decided to go back to the start I also happened to notice that Fanfiction.net has an EVE category and there are player fiction pieces posted there. This led me to decide it was time to do something with my account. Since November I’ve been slowly reposting my early Solitary Pilot content there. It’s all still available here too of course but putting it up on Fanfiction.net gives me an opportunity to review it as I go, make some minor improvements and corrections, and also retcon a few things that probably made sense at the time but don’t anymore. I’m only putting the ficlets (third person narratives) there, which also means that in some cases I have to come up with completely new content to fill gaps where I blogged my activities ICly in first person.

I think it’s working. Revisiting my character’s history has brought a nice feeling of nostalgia and reminded me of things I wanted to do with her that never (or haven’t yet) occurred. I have started writing new content, too! Gotta fill those gaps. :)