A Request

Intaki V – Moon 5 – Astral Mining Inc. Refinery

The office was more or less dark, save for a small lamp. Its glow cast a dim pool of light on the desk.

Sakaane sat quietly, contemplating the photographs highlighted by the light. They were large prints and intended to be two sets. The first of each set was made more or less irrelevant thanks to their blurred contents. The second photo of the second set showed slightly more detail but was still too out of focus to discern its details. The third of the first set showed, in crystal clarity, what its predecessors had only hinted at. A shot of her mother sitting on the deck at sunset, mouth open in a soundless scream of terror.

The second set was incomplete. The photos had been delivered but destroyed sight unseen. Despite this, despite how dark and vague its first picture was, somewhere deep inside she feared she knew what the others would have shown, though she dared not admit it to herself.

She didn’t want to see the others, yet couldn’t stop looking. Hadn’t really been able to stop looking since each photograph had arrived.

At her unspoken command, the desk console displayed a schematic, something she had expended some effort to acquire. She gazed at it, wondering again whether she was actually prepared to use something like that. If she could even get it. And what would Bataav think?

But the photos stared up at her through the translucent display and her hand curled into a fist. Yes. It was time to put an end to this. For good.

Opening her mail client, Sakaane took only another moment to decide who the recipient should be, and then began to write.


That this message has arrived in your inbox probably comes as a surprise, especially given the current circumstances in Intaki. That I’ve written it is certainly a surprise to me, yet at the same time, I can think of no one else I might trust for this specific request, particularly in light of that other gesture you recently took it upon yourself to make.

My hope is the mutual respect which exists between our organizations might grant me enough clout to ask a discreet favor of you. I am in need of something. This item is…not one I can obtain through the usual means. I believe you would be best able to procure it quickly with the least amount of fuss…and the very least amount of attention.

Attached are specifications for the item in question. I’m sure you’ll recognize its…highly unorthodox nature. I am, of course, willing to compensate you for your trouble in obtaining it.

If you feel it is beyond your desire, or conscience, to assist me with this matter, simply delete this message and we will forget it existed.

I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you for your time.

Sakaane Eionell

[Attachment: Extractor.5b-ARC-Av17.3.specs]