Solitary Pilot Music

In her youth, Sakaane aspired to be a singer and performer. Her primary and secondary education centered around musical studies and developing her talents both as a vocalist and with various instruments. In addition to songwriting, she specialized in violin and guitar with secondary focus on piano and oboe. In her late teens and early twenties her career looked promising; she developed a respectable following in the independent music scene on the Intaki homeworld.

When the Serpentis killed most of her immediate family, Sakaane gave up on music and became a capsuleer. For many years she was unable to tap into her talent, but events in YC114 contributed greatly to healing the spiritual wounds she’d suffered. She has since begun exploring her music again.

Years ago I played flute, oboe, and piano. Violin and guitar are instruments I always wanted to learn. But unlike other very talented EVE players such as Sindel Pellion (and despite the fact I do enjoy crooning to my steering wheel), actually trying to sing as Sakaane would require reliance on something like Auto-Tune and even then there would be risk of the software running away to hide, wimpering, in a dark corner of my computer where I’d never find it. (Maybe one day I’ll try it. Maybe. Don’t hold your breath!)

In any case, in lieu of any talent of my own, I’ve developed a playlist which contains music representing the kind of sounds, styles, lyrics, and genres Sakaane would be known for in and around Intaki over time. A selection of songs from this playlist are below.

Sakaane would have performed pieces like this quiet, lyrical song while she was still in school.
Tim Larkin
Songs like this one would also be something Sakaane would have written while still in school.
Grace Youn
Violin duets like this would have been performed early on, after graduation, and probably with someone she knew from school.
Julie Fowlis
This is a fun, medium-paced song. Music like this would have been written with people she knew from school and had formed a band with to make a first real stab at a career.
Knut Avenstroup Haugen
This song starts quietly but builds into an epic crescendo. Sakaane would have performed music like this once her career had gotten off the ground.
Two Steps to Hell
More sophisticated music like this would have been written and performed once she started to establish herself.
Lindsey Stirling
Expressive uses of violin like in this song would have helped Sakaane gain a stronger following. This kind of music will remain one of her favorite styles to perform.
Onitsuka Chihiro
The English translation reveals this song to be a bit odd but the overall feel and sound of it represents music Sakaane would have performed once fully established in the independent scene, around the time leading up to the incident with the Serpentis. A song like this one could have been what Devan Corvel heard playing in the Deck 17 Bar ’n’ Grill when he met Sakaane for the first time.
Loreena McKennitt This quiet song with its violin represents additional music she would have been performing around the time leading up to the incident with the Serpentis.
Simon Wilkinson
This piano piece is fast-paced and a bit harder in tone. Styles like this would have just started to emerge when the incident with the Serpentis took place.
Lena Park
Smile’s deceptive sweetness covers something darker. A song like this would have appeared very late in Sakaane’s short career, right before the incident with the Serpentis. Similar styles are likely to reappear as a capsuleer.
Loreena McKennitt
After becoming a capsuleer and seeing the harrowing things people in New Eden do to one another, Sakaane would be likely to write a song with tone and lyrics similar to this one.
Katy Perry
This is the SakBat song! ♥
k.d. lang
After returning to her music as a capsuleer, Sakaane would sing songs like this at formal events hosted by allies.
Lindsey Stirling
Performing fun music like this is something Sakaane would enjoy as a capsuleer.
Lindsey Stirling
Epic violin pieces would also feature in any performances Sakaane gave as a capsuleer.
Kristina Maria
Let’s Play is blatantly suggestive…but has also always translated well in my mind to other types of interactions in EVE, such as PVP combat. As a capsuleer Sakaane would perform songs like this to a backdrop of holovids of various battles, vast hangars of ships, scenes of capsuleers shopping at the New Eden store, and other very fun things capsuleers tend to do with one another. (There’s an EVE music video in there somewhere I think.)
Lindsey Stirling
Another fun and fast-paced violin piece that Sakaane would enjoy performing as a capsuleer.
Within Temptation
This song is actually useful as a representation of events that happened to Sakaane and Darac Rin in YC114. Sakaane might be likely to write a song like this after the fact and then perform it with another singer.
I :Scintilla
This song could be considered commentary on Amarr religion in the context of EVE. Though she wouldn’t necessarily be likely to sing something controversial like this, the sound and style of this song would be more typical for Sakaane after YC114.