Who's Who

The following characters are in some way important or notable in Sakaane’s lifetime.
New characters are listed once they gain some significance to her.
Descriptions may evolve over time as Sakaane’s relationship with these characters change but
important spoilers are avoided if possible.

A Civire commando under Bataav’s command. Assigned to Sakaane as a bodyguard in YC114.

anonAnonymous Benefactor
An unknown person who occasionally deposits untraceable sums of ISK in Sakaane’s account, especially after she’s had a bad day. The messages which accompany these deposits suggest the anonymous benefactor is well aware of Sakaane’s activities.

Ilaayda Eionell’s caregiver until YC114. Head housekeeper of the Eionell estate. An older Intaki woman who finds she does not mind the company of commandos in ‘her’ house.

bataavBataav en Gravonere
Sakaane’s lover and best friend. He is diplomat for both IPI and ILF and in YC115 became Mahesha of ILF. Bataav has a mysterious past that he reveals in small pieces, and only to those he trusts.

daracDarac Rin
A Civire Serpentis pirate scumbag with a personal vendetta against the Eionell family. He’s not a nice man.

devanDevan Corvel
Sakaane’s close friend and former lover.

ericEric Nevera
Devan’s Deteis wingman and something of a stick in the mud. Hates having his sleep interrupted.

blankIlaayda Eionell
Sakaane’s mother. She enjoyed gardening and watching the fireflies come out at dusk. The only word she spoke after YC105 was “no”. Deceased YC114.

jamesJames Syagrius
A Gallente patriot and businessman that Sakaane rarely sees eye to eye with. Somehow, they find themselves coming into each other’s orbit from time to time.

blankKiraeni Eionell
Sakaane’s younger brother; the ‘green’ (earth) twin. Always grounded but he adored Maekari. He probably would have committed his life to studying Ida. Deceased YC105.

blankMaekari Eionell
Sakaane’s younger brother; the ‘yellow’ (air) twin. Often had his head in the clouds and liked to doodle. He might have pursued starship and station design. Deceased YC105.

nasiirNasiir Eionell
Sakaane’s father. A devout follower of Ida during Sakaane’s lifetime, though he kept his true background hidden from his daughter. Deceased YC105.

Owner/bartender of Deck 17 Bar ‘n’ Grill. An older Intaki man, he’s particularly protective of Sakaane.

saxonSaxon Hawke
Former CEO and Suresha of the Intaki Liberation Front, now a spiritual advisor that spends much of his time in seclusion. An unwitting father figure to Sakaane.