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AOS Fan Art: Zai’al!

AOS Fan Art: Zai'al!

Squee! Today I received another surprise piece of fan art for All Our Sins! This time, Melissa decided to draw Zai’al, a character from the third book, Apocalypse.

In Apocalypse, Zai’al is the Avatar, which is basically like being the Pope, except that the Avatar is embued with power given by the goddess, Årdra. This means she can perform what seem to be magical feats and miracles that science can’t explain. Zai’al’s name means “heavenly strength”. Sometimes, she’s not a very nice person.

Melissa decided to show Zai’al as how she might look if she was a Celestial sehashi, which is a type of uber badass magical girl from Melissa’s book series Stars of Destiny.

Crossover fan art is a lot of fun! It’s really interesting to see how characters from one universe might fit into someone else’s.

I love it! ♥ Thank you very much!

Zai'al, the Avatar, by Melissa Stone

Zai’al, the Avatar, by Melissa Stone

A Gift for My Birthday

A Gift for My Birthday

February 3 was my birthday! And for my birthday, my good friend Melissa gifted me this fabulous piece of art for All Our Sins:

Dezÿrí of Clan Yodesí, by Melissa Stone

Dezÿrí of Clan Yodesí, by Melissa Stone

It’s amaaaaziiinnnggggg and I love it to pieces! ♥ It was totally unexpected too! I suppose those are the best kinds of birthday gifts. :)

Thank you Melissa!


Yarniversary! Tomorrow, June 14, 2020, marks one full year since I opened my yarn shop. Holy moly! The time has gone really quickly.

I remember how nervous I was in the leadup to the opening. Would anybody even like the yarn? Could I really do this business thing? It wasn’t the first time I’d gone into business for myself, but it was the first time where the business centered around a physical product (whereas previously, I hired out as an editor on a freelance basis). When I first started planning for the shop in May of 2018 I had no idea how much prep and lead time it would actually take to get everything ready. It was a lot of work! So by the time I was finally ready, I wondered a lot if all the work would pay off.

Rethinking the Approach

When I started out as a dyer, my plan was to dye to match photos I’ve taken. I enjoy photography so the idea of using my pictures as inspiration for the yarn seemed like a great way to give my hobby a new layer of meaning.

Despite those best intentions, if I can be honest for a moment, I feel a little strangled. My shop has been open for almost eight months and I’m frustrated with how I’ve lagged behind where I thought I would be in terms of the variety of colorways I’m offering. Color matching dye to photos has turned out to be pretty challenging! Having the challenge is just fine, but at the same time… It’s been a slow process, much slower than I anticipated. Still getting established means I have to be careful about wasting supplies with failed experiments.

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale – Plus Shipping Deadlines

Hello yarnists! It’s that time of year—holiday shopping has begun.

Everything in my shop is 25% off for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The sale is live NOW and runs until December 3!

Are you shopping for a fellow yarnist? When you place your order, you can add gift wrapping for a small fee. I’ll wrap the yarn in fun Christmas paper. You can also choose to send the yarn directly to the intended recipient or to yourself so you can gift it later, whichever you prefer! Note: If sending to the intended recipient, shipping is calculated based on that person’s address, not yours.

Don’t forget: if you live in Calgary or the immediate area, contact me before you place your order so we can arrange for local pickup and no shipping fees for you!

Also, as noted on my Instagram and Twitter accounts, the holiday shipping deadlines are fast approaching!

To ensure your yarn arrives on time, order by:

  • 🇨🇦 Dec 11 (outside AB); Dec 15 (inside AB)
  • 🇺🇸 Dec 15
  • 🌍 🌏 Dec 1 – but earlier is better!

Have a great holiday season. Happy stitching!

Black Friday Sale 25% Off November 26 - December 3

It’s A Sale!

Happy Thanksgiving!

This is the Thanksgiving long weekend in Canada!

To celebrate, all yarn in my shop is currently 20% off until end of day Mountain time on October 14.

The sale is available worldwide!

There will also be a new colorway popping up at some point over the weekend so please keep an eye out for that!

I hope everyone has a lovely Thanksgiving. Happy stitching!

Sale ad: 20% off from October 12-October 14