Hi! Have you melted yet? It’s been very hot in Calgary recently and I’ve heard other places around the world are suffering just as much. I hope you’ve found good ways to stay cool! Me? Lately, I go to bed cuddled up with an icepack wrapped in a towel. My queendom for some air conditioning!

When it’s this hot, do you still find yourself reaching for your yarn? On July 20 I started knitting my very first sock and have been able to make decent progress with it (even had to frog and start it over from scratch) despite the heat. There are pictures on Instagram and Twitter if you’re curious!

I also couldn’t resist creating a brand new colorway that I’m really excited about!


Hidden Treasure Yarn

Isn’t it gorgeous? Rich plum fades into teal. Some people say it’s spooky. Others call it surreal. It almost glows and it’s perfect for autumn.

Hidden Treasure Yarn Product Shots

Hidden Treasure is dyed on the Solitude base: a 3-ply bulky weight yarn that is 100% superwash merino wool. Each skein has 106 yards (97 meters) of soft and springy goodness.

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Shipping and Stock Updates

The ongoing pandemic (and other nonsense!) is putting a lot of pressure on mail service in a lot of regions. So far I’ve been fortunate to not experience too many delays when shipping orders but I know other shops are seeing their packages taking weeks to be delivered, especially in the United States. This is very unfortunate and frustrating for all parties because the shop owners have no control over how fast the mail moves and customers rightly just want to get the stuff they paid for. So, I’m saying thanks in advance for your patience if (when?) I end up hit with those shipping delays too.

Speaking of shipping delays, the company that supplies my bare yarn has been hit pretty hard trying to get shipments from their mills. This means right now it’s difficult for me to get more yarn to dye. They’re working hard to get stock levels back up, and as soon as they do, I can replenish my own supplies. I’m not totally out of bare yarn yet but getting close on a couple of bases, so if a colorway you’re interested in sells out I may not be able to dye more right away. Again, thanks for your patience!


The last month has been full of creativity! If you follow my blog you’ll have noticed a number of new (but locked) posts have gone up since July 21. These all have to do with my in-progress book series, All Our Sins (AOS). I’ve been doing a lot of worldbuilding and planning recently. It’s especially been fun thanks to members of my community who volunteer their time to review my work and provide thoughtful feedback. So many great ideas have come out of the brainstorming sessions!

AOS is a galactic fantasy series set somewhere in our galaxy (or maybe some other one somewhere) that tells stories about the årdrakin people, an advanced race of bipedal monotremes evolved from creatures that we might otherwise call dragons. Right now I’m focusing on a prequel book called The First Sin which details what happens when an årdrakin colony ship crashes on a planet occupied by a primitive race called skarastaja. As the title implies, this event spells trouble and may have dire consequences for all involved.

Most worldbuilding articles for AOS are accessible only by approved members of my community. These members may become alpha readers later when I have chapters to share. If you’re interested in learning more about AOS and even helping out, check here for more info.


Macro shot of a pāua shell.

This is the inspiration photo for the new colorway, Hidden Treasure. It’s a macro shot of a pāua shell. Have you ever seen pāua? Chances are you have but it was called abalone or ormer. Pāua is the Māori name for the edible sea snail Haliotis iris that the shell comes from. The shells are so incredibly pretty once polished and I couldn’t resist bringing one home with me from New Zealand when I visited Aotearoa in 2018. Before the shells are polished, the pāua snail looks a lot like a rock. This is why it’s such a hidden treasure… Polish it up to reveal its beauty!

That’s all from the dragon’s den for today! Happy stitching.