What's Up With This Twitter Timeline, Anyway?

On June 28, 2020, the site was rebranded as Iron Dragon. Read the announcement.

Screenshot of the Twitter timeline.The other day I was asked why there’s, well, non-yarn stuff in the Twitter timeline for Incyanity‘s brand account. It’s a fair question, especially for anyone who has only recently become aware of my content via my yarn, so I thought I’d take a moment to talk about it.

I’ve been running this website since 1999—which I know is basically the dawn of time as far as the internet is concerned! Back then it was on the Area 51 section of GeoCities (if anyone remembers that!) and it had a different name. Eventually, I moved to a hosted domain, adopted the title Incyanity, and here we are. From the beginning, my goal has been to create a space where I can share my interests and adventures with anyone who might care to spend time on them. I like a lot of things. As a result, over the years I’ve had a lot of different types of content on this site and undoubtedly always will! A great deal of the old stuff is archived because of course over time projects are abandoned, interests change, and so on. Nevertheless, the core of the goal remains the same: Incyanity is about my creative insanity.

Screenshot of the Discord channel setup.

The current Discord channel setup.

When I decided to pursue yarn dyeing as a business, I knew I wanted to tie Incyanity to it as another creative outlet, especially since dyeing yarn also involves my photography hobby. This means I never intended to narrow my brand down to just yarn. The Twitter profile mentions “crochet, writing & more creative insanity” for exactly that reason. Lots of yarnists are also gamers, writers, artists, shutterbugs, and so much more. There’s a tremendous amount of creative diversity in my audience so I want to build my community around celebrating all of that as well. Makers gonna make, after all. To that end, my Discord server is specifically structured to encompass creative diversity, with channels for members to share the yarny and non-yarny things they’re into.

I have a plugin that periodically digs up random posts and reshares them on Twitter in an effort to keep that content “evergreen”. Reposting the older stuff exposes it to new eyes that might not have seen it before. These show up specifically as “Incyanity flashback” tweets like the one captured in the image above. Additionally, carrying my shop’s momentum forward along with working on getting my husband cleared to enter Canada demands a great deal of my time right now so at the moment I don’t have a lot of time left over for blogging or tweeting in general. The reposter, therefore, helps to keep the brand account from looking abandoned. Still, I can see how the mix of content might look weird to newcomers! Hopefully, as people get to know what I do, and as I find a balance between yarn dyeing and my other interests, it should (hopefully) all come together.

As time goes on, I do plan to split up and balance promoting my old and new content between other platforms. Tumblr, for instance, might be a better place to funnel reposts of my written work and the artwork that goes along with it, while Instagram will likely remain the best place for yarn-related things and photography. Right now I think Twitter will probably always be a “catch-all” for everything but over time it will make sense to tighten up how much gets posted there and how frequently that happens. It’s a learning process so I just have to see how it goes!