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Welcome to the All Our Sins Wiki, the comprehensive guide to the AOS Universe.


At present, the AOS Wiki is private. Until the first book in the series is set to be released, only AOS Insiders have access. Interested in becoming an AOS Insider? Check here for more info.

The first draft of The First Sin is complete. Cheyenne can't believe she's actually done! Now there are revisions to do, and then she will make a public call for beta readers. Keep an eye on Bluesky, Twitter, Instagram, or join the Discord, to get notified of this event.

A banner with the text "All Our Sins Book One: The First Sin by Cheyenne Brammah" on the left and two mockups of the book with placeholder covers on the right.
TFS mockups with placeholder covers.


02Sep2023 - New articles!
In the last month, a lot of new articles have been added or expanded. In particular, check out the AOS Book 1: The First Sin page, which features an extensive plot summary.
29Jul2023 - Transfer is Complete
The transfer of articles from the old appendix to the wiki has been completed. Along the way, more new articles were added too! The wiki should also be loading more quickly than it was before.
05Jul2023 - Moar articles!
Transferring articles from the Appendix continues. Some of it is slow-going because the old articles lumped several sub-topics together. On the wiki they are being properly separated into their own articles. Some brand new pages that were not in the Appendix have also snuck their way in! See if you can find them!
03Jul2023 - Customization Continues
Slowly and surely, the wiki is being whipped into shape. Theme tweaking is mostly done. There are a few more items on the list.
New articles are in the works! Redlinking all the stuff that needs to be written about in the future is exciting! (And kind of overwhelming.)
The wiki's first lore-related article is AOS Book 1: The First Sin. Check it out!
02Jul2023 - AOS Wiki Created
Huzzah! Going forward, this will be the official wiki for the AOSU. Even though it's all private for now, accept no substitutions! When TFS releases, the wiki will open up to the public.

The AOS Wiki

The AOS Wiki is a collaboratively-written wiki that provides information about the All Our Sins Universe, its books, and other phenomena surrounding them. The wiki is supported by AOS Insiders, and is mainly edited by Cheyenne Brammah, also known as Iron Dragon, the AOSU creator and copyright holder. The AOS Wiki is a popular source of information for fans and it continues to grow as insiders mine information out of the books, official brainstorming sessions with Cheyenne on Discord, and other canon sources. The wiki also includes expanded articles intended to deepen fans' understanding of the AOSU. Read More...