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An Epic Galactic Fantasy

Found Family

When you've lost your blood relatives and your clan, what else can you do but rely on your closest friends for love and support?


How far will you go and what will you do to survive when disaster strikes? Would you do anything to satisfy your physical and emotional needs?

First Contact

In the pivotal moments when you first meet another species, do you make friends or foes? Maybe...both?

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Cheyenne Brammah

Author and Yarn Dyer

Cheyenne, also known as Iron Dragon, has been writing since a young age. She loves character-driven science fiction and fantasy stories that are epic in scope and complexity. She has a professional editing background and enjoys being a beta reader. She’s also completely obsessed with yarn! When she’s not writing or reading, Cheyenne dyes yarn, crochets, knits, plays video games, and enjoys nature photography. Visit her yarn shop at!

Cheyenne, pictured with her wonderful husband Mathew, lives in beautiful Cochrane, Alberta, in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Connect with her on Twitter or Instagram at @akairondragon.