Welcome to the personal website of Cheyenne Brammah.

Cheyenne dyes yarn and is writing a series of galactic fantasy novels. She is also a gamer, photographer, and artist.

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Latest Blog Posts

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    Recently, I started playing RimWorld again! RimWorld is a great little game where you act as an “overseer”, controlling a … Read more
  • What’s In A Name?
    I’ve had this website in one form or another, and at one URL or another, since 1999. Of course, its … Read more
  • I’m An Introvert
    I’m a pretty extreme introvert. I don’t like being with more than two other people at one time, and even … Read more
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    About ten years ago, thanks to EVE Online, Mat and I met and became friends. Our first face-to-face meeting took … Read more
  • Revisiting Sec Status
    Today, CCP announced it will be acquired by Pearl Abyss—the makers of Black Desert Online. I find the announcement both … Read more
  • Hob
    Gaming! Yes, I’m still finding time for it. Actually, I’d like to think I might have found more time to … Read more