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About All Our Sins

All Our Sins (AOS) is a project that first manifested when I was ten, apparently. (I recently uncovered a set of very yellowed handwritten papers from 1998 that contain a scribbled note referring to 1991 as the first concept date!)

It’s undergone a number of iterations over the years as I grew as a person and became more well-read. Originally it featured human beings, ninjas, and genetic experimentation. The drafts back then read like anime! (Very bad anime.) It quickly evolved to exclude humans completely and has since taken on a life of its own.

It’s had several names: Steps to Vengeance, Spear of Destiny, Madora Myst, Saving Madora, Heart of the Empire. The current title, All Our Sins, comes from the VNV Nation song of the same name which (with a few minor lyrical changes) struck me as being a great embodiment of where the project was going.

Originally, AOS was going to be just one book with a potential sequel. But because I suffer from a writing affliction called plot expansion, it’s now grown.


Artwork for The First Sin
More Artwork


Music That Inspires AOS

There are multiple AOS playlists available from my Spotify profile.
Be sure to ♥ the playlists to add them to your Spotify account so you don't miss out when I add new music!

The First Sin

Listen to the unofficial OST to The First Sin, the first book in the All Our Sins series. Currently runs at 23 songs of various genres.

Sin Beyond Redemption

Sin Beyond Redemption, the unofficial OST to the second book. This playlist is a work-in-progress.


The unofficial OST to the third book. This playlist is the most developed at 32 songs, as Apoc is the part of AOS I know best.

Master List

This Master List contains all* AOS music, regardless of title (including the General songs). The playlist is 90 songs and runs over six hours!


This playlist contains songs that provide general inspiration for the series as a whole.

* All but four songs:
"Kiseki no Umi" by Maaya Sakamoto, "Stamina Rose" by Gabriela Robin, "Purushayita" by Epica, and "The Dream Within" by Lara Fabian
Perhaps these songs will find their way to Spotify in the future.

AOS Insiders Only

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This section contains articles that require a member account to access. To become an insider, please support me on Ko-Fi. By choosing the "All Our Sins" monthly tier, all the private AOS content will be available to you, including exclusive access to the alpha draft of the current in-progress novel which allows you to leave feedback that can help me shape the course of the book!

You’ll also see other behind-the-scenes material before anyone else, such as artwork and worldbuilding articles, and as an insider, you’ll also be entitled to a free copy of each book (once published) for each full year that you remain in the Ko-Fi tier.

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