Trigger Warnings

All Our Sins (AOS) is an adult galactic fantasy series aimed at men and women age 20 and over. Each book will contain content that is inappropriate for younger readers. There will also be content that could be triggering or uncomfortable for certain readers of any age.

AOS is a work in progress, therefore the list below is subject to change.

Please read safely and responsibly.

The First Sin | Sin Beyond Redemption

Book One: The First Sin

Death of animals and people, including murder
Depression, grief, and mental distress
Drug use and addiction
Familial rejection
Interspecies cannibalism
Non-consensual medical procedures
Pregnancy and birth
References to sibling death
References to suicide
Ritual sacrifice of a person
Sexual situations (consensual and not)
Violence, blood, and gore, including branding and mutilation
Vulgar language, including discrimination and fantasy slurs

Book Two: Sin Beyond Redemption

Attempted genocide
Sexual situations (consensual and not)
Vulgar language, including discrimination and fantasy slurs