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Review: The Goddess of Nothing At All

A heart wrenching imagining of the story of Sigyn and Loki. The first half of the book had me *heart eyes* for the incredible love story while the second half had me gasping out loud and crying “No!!!” every time some new calamity befell the characters.

I loved just about every minute I spent with this book and would have given it five stars except: At one point, the book skips almost a decade of time, and during this time the characters are trying to live their lives together under very difficult circumstances. After that span of time has passed, one character has not budged in their poor opinion of another, and I found it a little too hard to believe that that would still be the case. I felt like some shift would have to have taken place, even if for nothing more than because time and distance from the original event has a tendency to soften one’s perspective. It takes a lot of energy to maintain such a sour disposition consistently.

There are also some formatting inconsistencies in the ebook and I found it distracting to not have numbers spelled out, as if the text was written in formal business style instead of the less formal fiction style.

Regardless, I loved the book and am eagerly looking forward to getting my hands on a signed hardcover copy, as well as picking up the sequel when it’s published.

Four stars!

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