Review: Epilogues for Lost Gods

I was privileged to receive an eARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Epilogues for Lost Gods is the sequel to Goddess of Nothing At All and covers the aftermath of GoNAA, as told from both Sigyn’s and Loki’s point of view. Definitely read GoNAA first in order to properly enjoy what EfLG has to offer.

The book deals heavily with themes of loss and healing, the definition of friendship, and redemption. Cat Rector expertly explores these topics, resulting in characters who feel like complex, believable people. The story is full of heartwarming and touching moments, as well as others that will bring tears to your eyes.

The story is engaging, if a bit linear. I liked the vivid imagery and descriptions, particularly of Hel’s domain and the journey the characters take when leaving. Like with GoNAA, the first half of the book was definitely my favorite section.

I would have given five stars except that the “big battle” that is the climax doesn’t seem to be all that big, and then certain important aspects of its aftermath are glossed over with just a paragraph or two of narration. This made it feel rushed. I also felt like the consequences of the incident with Valravn were not as explored as they could be.

Overall I enjoyed the book. It makes a wonderful wrap-up to GoNAA and gives readers another chance to see the characters in action. Definitely recommended. I will certainly be adding a signed hardcover to my collection!

Four stars!

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