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Review: Skylark in the Fog

I was privileged to receive an eARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Skylark in the Fog is a fabulous and unique space opera that I thoroughly enjoyed. The story is complex, with many layers that I’m certain will reveal new facets upon later rereadings. Skylark is definitely worth revisiting! The universe the book takes place in is rich and diverse. Helyna did a wonderful job creating a world that feels expansive and is highly detailed. There isn’t just one story lurking between the pages of this novel: the characters and places all have life to them, and they could all tell their own stories if given the chance. I’m hopeful to one day see even more material that does exactly that.

I also think Skylark would make an excellent anime! There is plenty of action and the banter between the characters is very well done. All of the characters feel unique. There are a *lot* of people in this book though, so be prepared to keep track of who’s who.

I loved this book because it reminded me of Star Wars and Firefly. It’s a chonky book, but I was never bored and never felt like anything I read was filler. I do wonder if it might have been better as two books though, especially given what happens to the Skylark itself versus the title of the novel.

The love Helyna has for this story shows on every page. Definitely recommended! I look forward to reading more from her in the future.

Four stars!

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